COMPUTEX Online Talks: BenQ Business Solutions Alliance|Cloud Transformation

 2020-07-09 By: InnoVEX Team

TAITRA organized a COMPUTEX Online Talks for different startups companies’ executives to share their experiences working with the BenQ business solutions alliance together with 5G Network and Cloud transformation technologies. Due to COVID-19 situations, people forced to work at home and follow the social distancing policies to lower the risks of infections. Fundamentally, Qisda Corporation explained the use of robots in hospitals to prevent and protect doctors and nurses from over contact with the patients. With the Cloud-based solution, Qisda integrated the OT and ICT technologies with innovative apps to provide a digitalized and convenient solution for people during the pandemic. Further, R&D Center and DFI presented the solution toward Smart Manufacturing by connecting 5G networks with the cyber-physical system to help overcome Inter-Networking Complex. Besides that, Alpha Networks proposed 5G Enterprise Networks, which can be used in multiple vertical applications such as public safety and Smart Cities. With 5G Networks, it is possible to control and access the production with big data analysis remotely. On the other hand, AEWIN shares about its 5G NEFi Open Platform to sol Internet Traffic and increase Network Operators' capacities and extensions of services. With the innovation of technology, it can help decrease overproduction and traffic; to improve the welfare of future generations.

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