Paving for Future: How Technology Drives Fintech Press Release

 2020-11-20 By: InnoVEX Team

On November 18, the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) project under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) held a hybrid webinar on Fintech. The objective of the webinar, titled Paving for Future: How technology drives Fintech, is to bolster cross-industry exchange for local industries and academia, encourage the sharing of best practices, and highlight the latest development trends in Fintech. Digital transformation practices and keys to successfully applying Fintech were discussed during the Keynote speeches. The speakers shared industry observations of Fintech trends and explored future trajectories and venture capital strategies. The webinar was held in English to ensure that both online and in-person participants could gain a first-hand understanding of Fintech trends and learn about practical, innovative Fintech applications. By matching tech startups with academic experts, investors, and businesses, new momentum is injected into industries' digital transformation.

The webinar included three keynote speeches and one expert panel, where four local experts from different fields shared their insights on Fintech. The keynote speakers included Dr. Chuan-Hsiang Han, Co-PI of the Industry-Academia Alliance for Internet Financial Innovation at NTHU; Prof. Ming-Hua Hsieh, Director of the R.I.R.C., the Digital Finance Innovation Lab at NCCU; and Dr. Ko-Yang Wang, Chairman of Taiwan Fintech.Co and Founding President of Taiwan FinTech Association. The expert panel was moderated by Prof. Yehning Chen, Deputy Director of the Fintech Center at NTU. Various topics across different fields were discussed, and opportunities for startups and Fintech development were revealed. Four schools affiliated with GLORIA attended the webinar, including NCCU, NTU, CYCH, and NTHU. Together, these universities supported eight teams to carry out five-minute pitch-demos, during which the teams introduced their innovative technology and application advantages. The experts gave immediate feedback and advice. After the webinar was concluded, the teams showcased their technological applications and research outcomes at stands that were set up at the venue.

The webinar concluded successfully, and the online turnout rate was significant. In addition to giving local teams greater international exposure and opportunities for matchmaking, this event also encourages industry and academia to offer mutual support and continue to grow in digital economies, thus further refining Taiwan's Fintech ecosystem.