InnoVEX 2017 Exhibitor News - Nogle


Mission: Be the Leading Venture Studio in Asia, Combining Venture Capital with Software Development

Nogle, established in 2015, is headquartered in Hong Kong while its develop center is in Taiwan. Nogle’s three founders, from Singapore, Malaysia, and Costa Rica, co-founded the venture studio that is a combination of technology, talents, and funding resources. Nogle sets Venture Studio as a dream factory for the software industry, with incubators and the technological advantages of software development, and assists partners to have the shortest Time to Market for their products. Nogle thinks the most common challenged faced by an entrepreneur in the early stage is not just lack of funding, but also effective allocation of entrepreneurial resources. Nogle provides a “software development” engineering team with products as its core, providing its partners technology development and operation resources. Venture Studio's business model ensures that each project has meticulous business planning, complete technology development, and legal and human resource support, from planning, product development to marketing.

Focus on Fashion Tech, EdTech and FinTech Applications

Fashion Tech solution, which is a 3D virtual-fitting solution that uses computer graphics, image rendering, machine learning, and image reconstruction as its core, provides apparel retailers a platform of front-end simulation technology and back-end consumer data analysis. Its precise simulation and intuitive user interface allows consumers to try on clothes freely online, and share fun and highly interactive shopping experience on social networking platforms.

Besides Fashion Tech, Nogle also engages in the EdTech market, developing an educational gaming software that targets 5~6 year-olds. Through puzzles and challenges presented in the game, Nogle hopes to train children’s computational thinking skills and logical thinking ability. Parents and teachers can keep track of children’s learning from the back-end and customize courses for each child. Nogle has been collaborating with several kindergartens in Singapore.

Nogle’s FinTech solution focuses on providing a high-frequency trading platform for investment strategies and risk management, allowing users to grasp investment information immediately, and can provide traders and securities firms financial performance monitoring technology that performs automation trading strategy development, data analysis, and risk management.

Nogle Booth Number: G0641, Hall 3