InnoVEX 2017 Exhibitor News - Weeview


Allow Consumers to Experience 3D, AR, and VR Images With Intelligent Image Processing Technology
Established in 2016, Weeview has a team that provides both supply chain management and global digital marketing and designing. With intelligent image processing and embedded systems as the company’s main core, Weeview hopes that people can gain a better understanding of 3D, AR, and VR, and experience a different world with their self-developed 3D visual technology.

EYE PLUG: The World’s First Plug In 3D Video-camera Module
There are many memorable stories in life, and videos and photos play an important role in connecting the messages in these stories. Videos always deliver sentiments better than words. Weeview hopes that people no longer have to pay a high price to capture the priceless moments in everyday life in 3D videos. Through 3D video-camera module technology, consumers can relive their memories, and can let the photos already taken be re-focused.

Go into Livestreaming and Art 3D Applications; New 3D SID Camera Will Be Crowdfunding on Kickstarter
Livestreaming and art are the newest applications of 3D cameras. Therefore, Weeview will use its smart image processing technology and its 3D lenses and self-made three axis stabilizer, launching the all new 3D SID Camera that transmits the images of those who go live through 3D VR and also record art performances, introduction of art pieces, and extreme sports in 3D, allowing users to experience and feel through VR and AR.

Weeview Booth Number: G0358, Hall 3