The Digital Normal for Pandemic Prevention

 2021-09-08 By: Elroy Yao

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many noticeable changes to the world and how things are done. Now a great part of the world has seen new protocols that need to be observed, followed, and most importantly observed to protect everyone possible. Common measures suggested by the WHO include wearing masks, vaccination, social distancing, sanitization, and other more comprehensive measures.

Startups now also develop innovative solutions; trying to make sure the epidemic prevention methods can be as comfortable as possible for everyone while providing better results. This can be in the form of physical/ mechanical or digital/ electronic solutions; both equally important to make sure the spread of the virus is minimized as much as possible so society can return to normal as soon as possible.

Many countries now enact digital solutions to combat the pandemic; from track & trace, self monitoring, or other equally relevant and much needed efforts. While some of the solutions might be hindered due to external or human factors, they are still important measures and to lose them would be a great disadvantage in preventing further spread of COVID-19. InnoVEX 2021 exhibitors offer many solutions which are directly usable in preventing the spread of epidemic or can be usable with a few modifications. In this edition of the InnoVEX Editorial, we will introduce 3 exhibitors that might be of interest: Fort Health Data Systems, Airllo, and La Vida Tec.

As work from home measures were also enacted and in some locations continue to be the norm, a check-in tool can help ensure everyone’s physical and mental health. One such solution is offered by Fort Health Data Systems of the Philippines. Their Workforce Monitoring Tool offers cloud-based, automated daily wellness check-in tool and online portal that covers the users’ physical, socioemotional, financial, and environmental wellbeing. Companies that use their solution will be able to engage with Project Fort's wellness officers to turn insights from reports built from the collected data into action steps.

Now that wearing masks has become a government mandate in several countries, mask wearing has become commonplace both outdoors and indoors. There are however, complaints regarding mask wearing; such as discomfort when worn, the need for frequent replacement, or hygiene concerns after wearing. There are many home-solutions to counter these complaints, some with real effects while others may need further testing. Airllo, a Taiwan based team offers washable and reusable masks that aim to offer the same or even higher degree of protection compared to standard surgical masks without sacrificing comfort for the wearer.

Keeping a respectable distance from the infected would be the safest way to protect oneself from COVID-19. In some locations, it would mean avoiding hospitals when possible and instead use telehealth solutions. La Vida Tec's WaCare offers a telehealth service with NHIA data integration as well as real-time consultation with medical professionals. For medical professionals, the platform allows them to schedule counseling sessions with an integrated online personal branding bundle. They also provide targeted marketing through AI algorithms and keyword marketing that optimize search results and recommendations to reach target customers effectively.

Learn more about Fort Health Data Systems, Airllo, and La Vida Tec in the InnoVEX 2021 online exhibition here.