The Eyes in the Cyber Sky

 2021-09-28 By: Elroy Yao

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true for many aspects of life, not just a person's health and wellbeing, but also for security and crime prevention. One of the most useful prevention measures is a trustworthy surveillance solution as it can also work as a curative measure when victims need to go to the authorities for the next steps: investigation, insurance claim, etc.

This is both a great opportunity and risk for security companies as their products will be in constant demand, but on the other hand they will have to make sure their products will work when they must with near 100% certainty or lose trust and reputation. To further bolster the reliability of their systems, many companies also implement AI into their solutions to provide more capabilities and better, more reliable services.

Surveillance technologies today generally use CCTVs for daily use. While CCTVs have some degree of movement, it will be impossible for them to follow the intended target completely and some blindspots will inevitably happen. For this, a small camera capable of omni-directional movement might be better, such as ones mounted on UAVs or drones. The

Computer Vision Research Center of the National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University developed their own smart drones capable of smart sensing, smart control, and smart simulation. The drones will be able to detect tiny objects and track them, detect & recognize buildings in the area, avoid obstacles, and more with an autonomous flight control system. The provided solutions can be used in multiple locations & scenarios for a complete surveillance solution.

For Beseye, their AI enabled security camera automatically analyzes people in public sites to detect potential accidents, dangerous behavior, and production line management. With their Skeleton-print analysis, they can also learn and determine human postures, to understand behavior and preferences. When combined with their facial identification technology, Beseye can extract information such as facial, body skeletal structure and walking posture to determine a person's age, gender, and identity. In addition, their solution can work with existing hardware with options on whether to host the analysis platform locally or on the Beseye Cloud. The solutions they provide can be used to prevent or record unlawful entry by criminals or illegal activities that proper authorities can refer to in a legal investigation.

Another exhibitor in InnoVEX, ioNetworks might not offer their own physical cameras, but the AI solutions they offer can be applied in multiple fields including traffic, surveillance, and healthcare. ioNetworks' surveillance AI solution uses image recognition to judge potential hazards and sets up alarms for countermeasures. The smart transportation solution is designed to achieve a more effective and safer transportation network using deep learning technology to realize transportation management functions. The healthcare AI solution utilizes sensing devices such as radar, iToF and Lidar for image formation which can ease privacy concerns, detect behaviors, physiological information, etc. in real time to reduce the manpower to measurement and care time, and reduce the risk while the patients are unattended.

One thing to remember is that crime can happen in the transport and fleet management is just as important in crime prevention efforts, especially when high value products are involved. This niche is the main focus of OmniEyes' solutions. Titled MyFleet, their solution offers video analytics with edge AI to provide real time detection and warning of driving violations and illegal parking. It is compatible with standard fleet management systems such as GPS tracking, idling detection and temperature monitoring for cold-chain logistics. Users can get real time playback or cloud retrieval of event videos for surveillance purposes and the web-based management platform is compatible with any operating systems and devices. In addition, specialized functions are available via over-the-air (OTA) update.

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