InnoVEX Pitch Contest 2022 to Feature 11 Prizes from Partners & Sponsors

 2022-04-07 By: InnoVEX Team

As one of the co-organizers of InnoVEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that one of the mainstays of InnoVEX, the InnoVEX Pitch Contest will return in 2022. The InnoVEX Pitch Contest registration is open from March 30 to May 2, 2022 for both onsite and online exhibitors in the following categories: 5G & IoT, AI & Big Data, Consumer Tech, E-Commerce & Logistics, Enterprise Software, Edutech, Fintech & Blockchain, Green Tech, Healthcare & Biotech, MarTech, Manufacturing Technology, Mobility & Vehicle Technology, SportsTech & Wearable technology, Smart Agriculture & FoodTech, and XR. This year, the Pitch Contest will have 11 prizes from InnoVEX 2022 partners and sponsors including 1 Grand Prize and 10 Special Prizes: Startup Terrace Award, Qualcomm Innovation Award, Taiwania Capital Innovation Award, and KPMG Special Award.

The Grand Prize is sponsored by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) and the winner will receive USD 40,000 in cash prize. In addition, the winner will also receive one-year free office space in the Taiwan Startup Terrace, 1 shell scheme booth for InnoVEX 2023 ONSITE, and online promotion articles & content that will be posted on the InnoVEX website & social media channels.

The Startup Terrace Award is sponsored by the SMEA and will be awarded to a maximum of 7 winners; the winners will receive a cash prize of USD 40,000 per team. To qualify for this award, the winning teams must agree to reside in the Taiwan Startup Terrace (Linkou Startup Terrace or Yawan Startup Terrace) for at least 1 year.

The winner of the Qualcomm Innovation Award will receive a USD 10,000 cash prize from our sponsors at Qualcomm. This award is aimed for startups with innovative technologies and international competitiveness; especially in AI & Big Data, XR (AR/VR/MR), 5G & IoT application. However, other startups with promising technology will also be considered.

The Taiwania Capital Innovation Award is aimed towards startups in IoT or bio-medical related teams with innovative technologies and international competitiveness, but other startups with promising technology will also be considered. The winner of this award will receive USD 10,000 from Taiwania Capital Management Corporation.

The KPMG Special Award will be awarded to one startup and consists of services from KPMG worth USD 7,000. The winners will receive one seat at 2nd KPMG Energize Program and total 7 hours consultancy services.

The InnoVEX Pitch Contest 2022 is open only to exhibitors of InnoVEX 2022 ONSITE or InnoVEX ONLINE 2022. Participating teams must be founded after January 1 2017, but teams in the biotech/ medicine category must be founded after January 1, 2014. Interested teams can register in the InnoVEX Pitch Contest page.