Enabling Necessary Tasks

 2022-11-02 By: Elroy Yao

There are many tasks in organizations that need to be done, but might not be suitable for humans; tasks that are too mundane, too dangerous, or too demanding for humans. Other tasks may have stagnated using old practices that are long overdue for an update. While mechanization and then automation have been touted as a viable alternative for traditional human workers, information will often have to be relayed back after the tasks were or were considered complete. This will further delay analysis and remedial actions which may have prevented accidents or damages.

Now as AI becomes more common in organizations, it is possible to overcome various shortcomings of the previous systems. This is especially useful for dangerous, yet vital jobs which often comes with a high injury or even fatality rate. Take for example Fluid Robotics who provides AI and cloud-based SaaS for sewer inspections via CCTV and robots. Their FluidAi is a machine learning and cloud-based solution for public wastewater pipeline inspections that can help utilities and pipeline inspection contractors improve their efficacy and efficiency in finding and repairing damages. Combined with their FluidHealth mapping & inspection robots, cities can also map their sewer systems to help prevent damages in the pipeline and reduce repair costs.

At the same time, organizations today are required to further improve efficiency and efficacy; whether for cost reduction or revenue improvement. As companies face increasingly complex operations to generate more and higher value outputs through various inputs; it might be difficult to rely only on human expertise. One possible alternative is to utilize AI systems and smart solutions which should be able to complement workers who might lack the required training or expertise. However, without a dedicated AI expert, building such systems might be difficult or too costly. No code AIs such as the tukey by Chimes AI can be the solution for such companies. tukey offers code-free platform with easy model deployment and updating. Users can quickly deploy their AI models and easily disassemble their complex data and complete data cleansing work.

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