Innovations for Health and Wellness

 2022-11-18 By: Elroy Yao

Healthcare and Biotech go hand-in-hand with human civilization, not only to ensure people’s health, but also their wellbeing. As the pandemic affected the global healthcare industry both negatively and significantly, innovation became an even greater necessity than before. One important aspect to remember is how despite the impression that the pandemic put the world on pause, it did not. People with terminal and chronic illnesses still need healthcare and other ailments still affect people, all while healthcare workers are placed under higher risks.

In this regard, moving to more telemedicine is definitely a viable option as it allows professional healthcare workers to handle more cases, more quickly. Telemedicine also provides healthcare workers protection through an added distance from the patients. Of course, telemedicine is not the only significant development in healthcare as other diagnostics tools will also greatly benefit both the healthcare provider and patient. An example of this is seen in one of the finalists of the InnoVEX 2023 Pitch Contest: Micronbrane Medical. Their innovation allows clinicians and doctors to detect pathogens rapidly and affordably which means healthcare workers will be able to also provide much more accurate diagnostics to better treat the patient.

In addition, the war in Ukraine as well as the flood in Sri Lanka greatly affects food availability for various countries, exacerbating the possibility of food shortage or even famine in certain countries. As growing food will take time until it is ready for harvest, focusing on improving efficiency such as by preventing crop failure or improving cattle quality will need to be held concurrently with trying to increase food yield. In essence, the core idea now is to “make more from what we have”.

Harvest failure often has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis as the reasons for one failed harvest might be different to another, even if the fields are in the same region. Smart agriculture, agritech, smart aquaculture, etc. becomes necessary fields in this new frontline as maximizing food yield from a relatively limited resource and landmass will be vital. For example, one of the winners of the Startup Terrace Award in InnoVEX 2023, Charco Science achieved this through a natural formula for pre-harvest protection, post-harvest shelf-life enhancement of products and other relevant agricultural technologies, including IoT systems. Their solution has been proven to be able to increase crop yield by 20 to 30% and reduce planting costs by 10%, offering a more affordable as well as sustainable solution.

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