InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion to Showcase Innovative Digital Transformation Solutions

 2023-03-22 By: InnoVEX Team

The current trends of digital transformation show how important startups are for the global industry as their innovations create processes and improvements. As one of the main manufacturing hubs of Taiwan, companies in southern Taiwan have diverse needs and requirements for their digital transformation efforts. To connect them with startup-led innovative solutions, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) organized the InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion in the Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) Kaohsiung 2023 at booth number S2341a.

This year, TCA organized the 2nd edition of InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion, the pavilion will feature 7 startups: Deepmentor, Finetech ITS, innoDepX, LYDSEC, Microip Inc., Shield eXtreme, and Vasee. The startups will feature their innovations in Cybersecurity, Smart parking, Edge AI, 3D camera systems, identity authentication solutions, AI design automation, and more.

The Hungarian Trade Office will also have a special presentation in the pavilion to provide information for startups and companies that are interested in expanding into Hungary as well as to introduce the local market and investment environment. Participating teams of the InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion will also demonstrate their solutions at the Zet Zero Intitiative stage, which is located in Net Zero Initiative Pavilion (booth number S2148) stage. Interested parties are invited to join and network with the startups.

InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion will Feature Cross-Industry Innovations

TCA stated that to facilitate the AIoT needs of the smart transportation industry, DeepMentor will showcase their smart city application platform. DeepMentor offers highly efficient handheld hardware capable of executing multiple algorithms at once which can be used to detect vehicle speed, traffic flow, traffic incidents, crowd hot spots, unauthorized idling, parking availability, etc.

Finetech ITS will exhibit their AI-powered smart parking post designed for an ESG compliant intelligent parking management system. Finetech ITS has obtained patents in Taiwan, Japan, China, and more. InnoDepX will showcase the iDX CubeVision Premium which enables logistics operators and fleet management providers to accurately calculate cargo utilization while monitoring container interiors through infrared images.

Cybersecurity today is a concern for a majority of organizations as attack surfaces and attack vectors grow and diversify, digital transformation in cybersecurity has become a necessity. Lydsec Digital Tech offers a multi-factor authentication service called Keypasco MFA. The Keypasco Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a passwordless software solution based on several patents with device-identification application.

Shield eXtreme will showcase various products focusing on different aspects and purposes of cybersecurity. X-Range provides a Cyber Security Range, which are focused on the real-world practice of different facets of cyber security defensive operations. X-Threat provides pre-emptive threat intelligent services, as well as participating as part of the global Honeypot Network to capture hacker activities with vulnerable systems. X-Village provides technical services for enterprises to explore cybersecurity issues, vulnerability verification, and risk assessment.

In addition, Microip will exhibit their iPROfiler SoC Performance Profiler which provides debugging and complete performance evaluation in the front-end logic design phase. The iPROfiler helps the AI SoC design process and provides memory performance analysis to help IC design teamwork with AI model design team to find the best combination of on-chip memory and off-chip memory and lowers the IC design cost and time to market.

vasee will showcase their Air & Light+, a cutting-edge illumination device built for indoor plant-growing. The device can be used for growing various indoor plants by adjusting the illumination, ventilation and time setting. By placing the plants into the glass bottle, users can create a small indoor green house or even use the Air & Light+ for insect breeding and observations; all with a low power consumption rate.

TCA stated that the InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion will be in booth number S2341a during SCSE Kaohsiung 2023 from March 30 to April 1, 2023. Company representatives and professionals are invited to join and network with the innovative startups participating in the InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion. In addition, startups of the InnoVEX Smart South Pavilion will join the Zet Zero Initiative Pitch on March 30 and 31, 13:10 – 13:30. Interested parties are welcome to visit the event or sign up for a matchmaking opportunity with our startups through the Smart City Online platform.

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