InnoVEX 2017 Exhibitor News- Smart Internet of Things R&D Center, Tatung University


Let Consumers Experience the Future Life with IoT through IoT Core Technologies
The Smart Internet of Things R&D Center at Tatung University was established to provide IoT solutions in fields such as “Smart Home,” “Smart Machine Room,” “Wireless Charging” and others. Companies can quickly develop their IoT products or use the IoT solutions developed by the R&D Center directly, thus pushing IoT to become more prevalent in people’s everyday lives. Furthermore, the Center organizes AI and IoT training sessions periodically and welcomes companies to participate in the sessions to quickly get into IoT applications development.

Smart Home Module Helps Companies Quickly Develop Smart Home Appliances
Home appliances are products that most consumers wish have automatic control over among smart home technologies. However, traditional home appliance companies are unfamiliar with connected devices and App control, so smart home appliances often face technical problems when being developed. Smart Internet of Things R&D Center developed a connected chip designed especially for home appliances. Home appliance companies only need to plug the connected chip to the one that controls the home appliance, using I2C or UART interface so that the two chips can communicate and safely connect to Wi-Fi. The Center states that a series of products including fans, dehumidifiers, lamps, mosquito zappers, plugs, coffee machines, automatic watering machines, and sweeping robots can use the same core technology when being developed, quickly turning them into IoT-enabled home appliances. This system uses artificial intelligence technology to let products interact with one another, and provide more customized services by learning the user’s behavior.

Provide Home Appliance Control App; Collaborate with Tatung to Develop Smart Rice Cookers
Besides providing the specially-designed connected chip, the Center also provides App design services to lower the technical threshold of smart home appliance development. For example, the Center collaborates with Tatung Company, which provides the smart rice cooker hardware, while the App is developed by the Center. Consumers can use the Smart Rice Cooker App to get all kinds of recipes when they purchase Tatung’s Smart Rice Cooker, and can use the App to remote control the rice cooker and monitor the cooking process, sufficiently demonstrating smart life.

Providing Solutions for B2B IoT Applications
Besides smart home applications, the Center also launched B2B IoT application solutions, including providing smart machine room monitoring solutions to real-time monitor the room’s temperature, humidity, wind-speed of air-conditioning, electricity consumption, water leakage detection, and automatically alerting related personnel when irregularities occur. Wireless charging management system for business can conduct remote monitoring management on connected wireless chargers. Along with services provided by system integration companies, wireless charging services can be combined with marketing activities of different channels for promotion.

The Smart Internet of Things R&D Center, Tatung University Booth number: G0123, Hall 3