InnoVEX Official LINE Account Launches on May 3rd LINE BOT Collaborates With Large-scale Exhibition


TCA, one of the organizer of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, stated that specialized exhibit area for startups, InnoVEX, will be held at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 3 this year, gathering 244 startups from 20 countries and approximately 15,000 visitors. This year, InnoVEX collaborates with LINE, a communication app that has over 217 million users worldwide, and web application developer Chiliman Web Service Corp. to launch InnoVEX official LINE account which comes with LINE BOT features. Visitors can interact with LINE BOT in this official account, have access to exhibitor information, booth location, forum agenda, Pitch schedule, exhibition announcements, and also register for and check-in forums. The “My Assistant” function enables users to take notes of their favorite startup teams and receive reminders on events they have registered for. This marks the first time that LINE uses LINE BOT for a large-scale exhibition!

LINE Launches SME Partnership Program to Promote Exhibitors
To help startups expand their mobile marketing, LINE launches SME Partnership Program in Taiwan for the very first time and enables all exhibitors with LINE@ account to connect with InnoVEX official account. By adding InnoVEX official account, visitors can choose to receive messages from startups they are interested in and can also talk to these startups one-on-one, increasing their interaction with exhibitors. TCA pointed out that InnoVEX official account will not only enhance visitors’ experience, but also increase the effectiveness of promotion for startups. Registration for InnoVEX forum also opens on May 3rd. Gathering 244 startups from 20 countries, InnoVEX forum will be packed with keynote speeches and insider insights into hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Startup Ecosystem, Digital Economy, and Technology Policies, featuring distinguished speakers from global corporations that are deeply invested in startups such as Microsoft and ARM, one of the top 10 accelerators in the U.S., Alchemist, and well-known VCs Fenox and Hardware Club.

Chiliman Web Service Corp., sub-developer of InnoVEX official account, stated that startup exhibitions tend to have a high level of interaction between startups and visitors, and LINE’s easy-to-use and fast-spread function is very suitable for InnoVEX. Through LINE BOT, visitors and exhibitors can easily join forum, product demo, and one-on-one discussions without installing an additional app specifically for InnoVEX. Everything can be done through LINE.

Add InnoVEX Official LINE Account: (For Cellphones Only)

●Five Functions of InnoVEX Official LINE Account●
1. Matchmaking
Pair up visitors and exhibitors according to their needs and connect to exhibitors’ LINE@ accounts to do one-on-one discussions.
2. My Assistant
Visitors will no longer have trouble organizing business cards and DMs after visiting numerous booths. “My Assistant” can keep track of visitors’ favorite teams, save notes, and reminds visitors to attend activities they signed up for.
3. Register for Center Stage Forum
Look up forum agenda, speaker information, and register for forum directly. The day before the forum, a reminder will be sent to visitors.
4. Search and Locate Exhibitors
Visitors no longer have to rely on paper brochures and maps and can instead search for exhibitor and product information, and booth location through LINE BOT, providing visitors a smarter experience.
5. Receive Instant InnoVEX-related Messages
Visitors can receive instant InnoVEX-related messages, such as event preview and Pitch winner announcements.