Singapore StartUp Interview - Seneca ESG

 2024-03-29 By: 台北市電腦公會

Seneca ESG is dedicated to providing sustainable development software services. They offer ESG data analysis and management, customized scoring and carbon footprint assessment and management for businesses, investment consultants, investment managers, and government entities.

Seneca generates sustainability reports, investment portfolio analysis, and management services. They integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) with industry-leading ERP systems to streamline ESG workflows and identify and score unstructured ESG information.

Jonathan Ha, Founder and CEO of Seneca ESG, stated that as an expert in ESG solutions, Seneca ESG has launched three major products: AERA, EPIC, and ZENO to assist enterprises and financial institutions in better and more comprehensive ESG data management.

AERA - Focuses on carbon footprint management. This is a comprehensive tool designed to help users monitor, analyze, and report carbon emissions. It translates data into easily understandable reports. Additionally, they pay special attention to the verification of carbon emissions data to ensure accuracy.

EPIC - Focuses on ESG data aggregation. EPIC aims to streamline the users’ workflow, making it easier for them to adapt to various ESG standards. Additionally, Seneca ESG provides a scoring engine to help businesses continue progressing on the path to sustainability.

ZENO - Designed for investors and financial institutions as an ESG tool. ZENO considers the diversity of ESG assessments and integrates well with EPIC to enhance transparency in ESG management.

In response to the insufficient quantified ESG information revealed by the "2023 Taiwan Sustainable Finance Survey," Seneca ESG understands that financial institutions need adequate quantified information as a basis for decision-making.

Therefore, their software is designed to automatically collect and integrate ESG data from various sources, including public reports, internal data, and third-party databases. Through advanced analytics tools and models such as risk assessment and portfolio optimization, financial institutions can make more precise investment and lending decisions based on quantified ESG information.

With real-time monitoring and alert systems, institutions can monitor the dynamic changes of relevant ESG indicators in real-time and receive alerts when specific thresholds are reached, ensuring timely adjustments to strategies.

Seneca ESG values information transparency and not only provides various formats of report output functions, but also supports data sharing, enabling smooth information exchange with clients, partners, and regulatory agencies. As the needs of financial institutions may vary, Seneca ESG also offers customized software solutions to meet specific business and information needs of customers. Such as strengthening education and training for financial institution employees to help them utilize ESG information more effectively.

Facing the increasingly clear trends of net-zero carbon emissions and ESG, companies have faced challenges in how they respond and adapt. Jonathan Ha believes that through comprehensive ESG data analysis tools, companies can conveniently collect, analyze, and report ESG-related data to gain a deeper understanding of their specific performance in environmental, social, and governance aspects.

In response to the challenge of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, Seneca ESG's software tools have specifically incorporated carbon emission calculation and management functionalities to assist companies to accurately assess their carbon footprint and effectively set and monitor carbon reduction goals.

In addition to powerful data tools, Seneca ESG also considers the practical operational needs of companies, providing tailored strategic advice and action plans for specific situations. They also collaborate with expert consultants to offer a series of education and training courses, aiming to enhance corporate ESG awareness and cultivate related talent resources.

Recognizing the critical importance of timely and accurate information, Seneca ESG continuously updates its knowledge base to ensure that clients can access the latest ESG and climate change information.
"Our support team and expert consulting services are highly acclaimed," Jonathan Ha stated. Whether clients encounter any difficulties in software operation or need guidance in ESG strategy formulation, Seneca ESG's professional team is ready to ensure that clients receive timely assistance.

Additionally, Seneca ESG has established an extensive network of partners covering carbon neutrality consultants, renewable energy suppliers, etc., providing robust support for clients' ESG strategy implementation.

With a core commitment to continuous research and development and providing comprehensive ESG solutions, Seneca ESG actively keeps abreast of the latest developments and trends in the ESG field. They aim to provide clients with the most complete software solutions so that they can make informed decisions when facing challenges in ESG information, jointly moving towards a sustainable future.

Reference: Seneca ESG