Taiwan hardware manufacturer Interview - Maxsun

 2024-04-01 By: 台北市電腦公會

As a pioneer in computer components, Maxsun Technology's product line includes graphics cards, motherboards, memory, and solid-state drives. With excellent performance and attentive service, they have gained widespread recognition among gamers and unanimous praise within the industry.

Over the years, Maxsun has been guided by quality and aimed to surpass expectations, actively exploring and innovating to deliver superior and reliable products and services, providing users with better work and entertainment experiences.

Continuing its commitment to providing users with more competitive hardware product solutions, Maxsun will showcase several flagship products such as the iCraft series and Terminator series in COMPUTEX 2024.

Not only will Maxsun introduce innovative flagship motherboard models such as the MS-iCraft Z790 WIFI that feature a 19+1-phase direct power supply and XMP support up to 7800+, the MS-Terminator Z790M D5 - the first MATX motherboard with 5 M.2 interfaces, and the MS-Terminator H770YTX D5 WIFI with rear cable management.

Additionally, Maxsun will unveil the innovative graphics card motherboard with a back-to-back structure, the MS-Challenger B760BKB D5. Furthermore, in conjunction with Intel's next-generation 800 series platform, Maxsun will also introduce even more powerful Z-series motherboards.

In terms of graphics card innovation, Maxsun also stands out by introducing the "wireless" graphics card product series with back-insertion, making assembled computers cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, Maxsun has recently launched the Mega Gamer (MGG) series of GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards.

As Maxsun stated, the MGG series is their latest flagship series that integrates Maxsun's technological achievements over the years: the stacked Mega Freeze VC cooling system that provides this performance beast with greater airflow and pressure, while the intelligent fan start-stop technology significantly reduces operational noise, delivering a quieter performance experience for users.The magnetic MGG dot matrix atmosphere light kit also brings a whole new level of customization for users.

Whether it's the regular breathing light mode, the immersive pickup mode that integrates with music, or the DIY programming mode that unleashes creativity, the kit provides users with unprecedented visual experiences.
Maxsun pointed out that the rise of esports has made esports broadcasting and electronic sports a trend, attracting significant attention from mainstream gamers and young audiences. In the future, Maxsun will continue to optimize for high-performance CPUs, provide stable overclocking performance, and meet gamers' pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience.

By combining R&D teams from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Maxsun is committed to creating even more powerful overclocking products and releasing a professional gaming motherboard series. In terms of graphics cards, they will collaborate with NVIDIA to apply advanced technology and material designs to independent graphics cards, enabling support for higher frame rates, resolutions, and effects, delivering smoother and clearer graphic output for gamers.

The booming growth of the global gaming market has certainly provided significant opportunities for Maxsun. They believe that as the scale of the gaming industry expands, there is a rapid increase in demand for high-performance GPUs, CPUs, high-end gaming monitors, professional gaming peripherals, and other hardware products. This is seen as a crucial developmental opportunity that Maxsun values.

"Game optimization brings differentiation in competitiveness," Maxsun stated. They plan to sponsor esports clubs and events, provide high-quality products, and promote software and hardware co-innovation to offer customized optimal configurations and optimization solutions for popular games.

This is aimed at meeting the needs of gamers and gaining a competitive advantage through differentiation. Maxsun aims to cater to the strong demand for gaming hardware in the thriving global gaming market and better serve gamers.

Reference: Maxsun