Marching Toward Digital Economy, COMPUTEX 2017 Establishes Comprehensive IoT B2B Ecosystem ICT Professional Exhibition


One of the world’s top 3 professional ICT shows – the COMPUTEX Taipei 2017 will be held between May 30th and June 3rd at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Hall 1 and Hall 3, and the Taipei International Convention Center simultaneously. Co-organizer Taipei Computer Association (TCA) expresses today (29th ) that the OECD believes our future society is marching toward a digital economy, and ICT and IoT are believed to be the core foundation and applied technology for digital economy. As the international industrial structure starts to shift to meet the trend of smart IoT industry, the search for upstream and downstream partners in the IoT ecosystem becomes the mainstream for B2B exhibitions, and brings new opportunities to COMPUTEX.

TCA points out that COMPUTEX 2017 establishes a full-scale IoT B2B ecosystem as the main theme of the exhibition. Including first-time participant Tesla, a total of 1,600 companies occupying 5,010 boothss will display products featuring 5 main themes: IoT, Startup, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming & AR/VR, and Business Solutions, in order to provide brands, manufacturers, channel providers, telecom companies, software businesses, system integrators, venture capitalists, and startups a professional one-stop-service for B2B purchasing of IoT and IT ecosystem members. The exhibition is also held simultaneously with InnoVEX, which makes COMPUTEX the largest startup and ICT industry chain matching platform in Asia.

272 Startup Teams from 23 Countries to Simultaneously Display Solutions
Asia’s Largest Startup Exhibition InnoVEX to be Debuted at World Trade Center Hall 3 Alongside COMPUTEX
TCA states that the InnoVEX Startup Special Exhibition established in 2016 had been a hit. It was the first of its kind to integrate startup teams and manufacturers at the same exhibition platform (COMPUTEX), and it has garnered much positive response from domestic and foreign startup teams. InnoVEX has officially entered its second year in 2017, 272 teams from 23 countries will participate in the exhibition themed “Discover Future from Asia - Create, Connect, Commercialize”. The exhibition will not only become the largest startup exhibition in Asia, but also hope to support startup teams from around the world to capture the attention of international venture capitalists and garner financial support for mass production to truly achieve technology commercialization, promote service for society, and bring about new business opportunities for startup teams and the manufacturing industry and cultivate a win-win situation.

COMPUTEX Offers Full Range IoT B2B Procurement Services, SmarTEX Offers IoT Solutions One-stop Shopping Services
TCA points out that because IoT solutions have diverse procurement requirements, and COMPUTEX offers a comprehensive range of ICT suppliers, the show could provide a full range B2B procurement service for IoT industries. Among the large-scale IoT solution providers, Acer, AIC, ASUS, ATEN, BenQ, Delta, ECS, Edimax, Flytech, Intel, Microsoft, POSIFLEX, QCT, Realtek, Wiwynn and XYZprinting will all display their diverse corporate-class IoT solutions through application scenarios.

IoT solutions for smart security, automotive electronics, smart home, smart technology and smart wearables are mainly located at WTC Hall 1 SmarTEX section. 142 companies with IoT hardware software integrated solutions are on display, including ASKEY, GIGABYTE, Taiwan Secom, VIVOTEK and others. In addition, the Intelligent Systems Pavilion held by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Taiwan Smart Textiles Alliance (TSTA) Pavilion led by the Textile Industry Research Institute (TIRI) will also have several newly innovated technologies on display and will become the focus of attention of domestic and foreign buyers and media.

It is understood that ITRI’s Intelligent Systems Pavilion will cover three main themes such as “smart city”, “smart imaging”, and “smart biotechnology”, and will display 27 intelligent system research and development results, many of these applications are related to daily activities. For example, now that much attention has been paid to the food security crisis, ITRI’s newly invented “hand-held smart fruit and vegetable pesticide detector” could detect pesticide residues and hold your health in check. The specially designed hand-held device could detect the disease that is carried in 30 minutes without having to draw blood. Being able to play chess with a robot is not surprising, it is more astounding for a robot to “see” the opponent’s chess maneuvers, the “Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots” by ITRI could recognize the path of each maneuver and could operate the chess pieces without human presence.