Ten Thousand Attendees and Growing: InnoVEX is Now Open to Start-ups


InnoVEX, the most internationalized large-scale startup event in Taiwan, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3 between June 6 - 8, 2018 at the same time as the COMPUTEX TAIPEI. Event co-organizer Taipei Computer Association (TCA) announced on October 2nd that registrations for innovative startups looking to take part in the exhibition are now open. The “InnoVEX Pitch Contest” will also be held at the same time. A grand prize of US$30,000 will be offered to encourage entrepreneurs to meet with venture capitalists from around the world and open up the international market.

TCA stated that InnoVEX brings startups with VCs, OEMs, and buyers together in one networking platform. A total of 272 startups from 23 countries took part in 2017, attracting nearly 15,000 professional attendees. The exhibition was proven to be effective for startups looking for partners, venture capital and international channels.

Transforming InnoVEX into Asia’s Largest Platform for Sharing Ideas
According to TCA, the theme for InnoVEX 2018 will be “Discover the Future from Asia.” The event has won the approval of many VCs since it was first held in 2016. Anis Uzzaman, the co-founder and CEO of Fenox Venture Capital from Silicon Valley, even praised InnoVEX as “the hub for innovation in Asia.”

In addition to the global exhibitors, InnoVEX also hosted forty one keynote speeches over the three days of the exhibition; up to 76% of the speakers were from overseas. Fifty nine startups also held on-stage demos; apart from the extensive matchmaking that took place during the exhibition, live streaming of the stage event proved extremely popular with more than 800,000 views. In the highlight of InnoVEX’s Pitch Contest, local and overseas VC and industry experts pick 6 start-ups as the winners out of nearly 100 participating teams. A total of US$40,000 in prize money and resources were awarded. InnoVEX integrates a variety of different networking channels; exhibitions, forums, competitions and product demos were all held at the same time. Nearly 15,000 professional attendees visited the 3-day show, making it the largest platform for the exchange of innovative ideas in Asia.

TCA notes that in response to market trends, “InnoVEX 2018 Pitch Contest” will only be open to start-ups of the following ten fields: AI & Big Data, AR & VR, Consumer Tech, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, FinTech, Hardware, Health & Bio Tech, Security, and Transportation. Only registered exhibitors are eligible as pitch contest participant. For more information, please refer to the InnoVEX website at: innovex.computex.biz.