Three New Categories Added to Best Choice Award


IoT and digital transformation through IoT is expected to grow as a market in the near future. The regional GDP contribution to Asia Pacific alone is expected to reach more than USD 1 Trillion. A report published by IDC and Microsoft claimed that in 2017, digital transformation will add an estimated USD 1.16 trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP and the growth rate will increase by 0.8% annually. The GDP contribution of digital services is also expected to grow from 6% in 2017 to 60% in 2021.

Another report published by IDC expected IoT solutions to make up a significant percentage of corporate spending. In 2018, companies are predicted to spend USD 239 Billion in IoT hardware. The largest corporate transactions on IoT in 2018 are expected to be done by the manufacturing sector for a total of USD 189 Billion, Transportation for USD 85 Billion, Public Utilities by USD 73 Billion, and finally corporate IoT application spending is expected to be USD 62 Billion. By 2021, 55% of the spending in IoT will be on software and services.

The high value transactions and bright future prospects became the main motivation for the official awards of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Best Choice Awards to add three more categories to their awards. The new categories are “IoT Applications”, “Enterprise Application and Service”, and “Smart City”. An additional category “AR/VR” is separated from the “Gaming” category and added as a new category by itself.

As Asia’s leading B2B ICT procurement platform, COMPUTEX TAIPEI offers the largest number of Taiwanese ICT suppliers from all stages of the supply chain. It becomes vital to support the development of digital transformation in not only the Asia Pacific region, but globally.

The Best Choice Awards also serves as a one-stop platform for the buyers and visitors as the Best Choice Award Winners are announced through promotional activities. The Golden Winners of Best Choice Award will be honored with their awards during COMPUTEX TAIPEI’s opening ceremony. This can be a time saver for international buyers with a tight schedule so they can see what’s good and what’s new all in the same location.

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