2024 Pitch Judge

Gudén García Pablos

Gudén García Pablos

Portfolio Manager / Industrial Investments
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I’ve been working more than 10 years in investments departments, focus on different status of companies (seed, start-up, growth, PE, listed Co.) in the industrial and agrotech vertical. My day to day is: Unlisted companies: Analysis of industrial new investment opportunities and proposed advisability of investing. Tracking affiliated companies, participating on various Boards, monitoring the financial situation, overseeing the management of companies and creating value for its divestment. Analysis of divestment opportunities while maximizing shareholder return. Participating in structured financing with other shareholders and study of inorganic mergers to maximize the opportunities for divestment. Valuation of companies and M&A operations. Listed companies: Monitoring of Auto & Industrial sector / monitoring financial situation / design of portfolio strategies (buys, sells, derivatives) / proposals for new investments.

Criteria Caixa

Criteria Caixa is the biggest Industrial Holding in Spain and the second in Europe with more than 24.700MM€ assets under control, it’s the investment arm of La Caixa Foundation.