2024 speaker

Jason Loh

Jason Loh

CEO Piece Future
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Jason stands at the forefront of innovation, where his mission is to catalyze the growth of enterprises by harnessing the power of intellectual property (IP). A staunch advocate for the strategic utilization of intangible assets, Jason specializes in sculpting brand and growth strategies that seamlessly integrate intellectual property with core business objectives. He is the Director of Singapore's International IP Commercialisation Council (IIPCC). He is the Executive Adviser for Asia at the UK’s Institute of Innovation Knowledge Exchange.

As a Managing Partner, he steers both i2P Ventures, a startup incubator, and True Vine Capital Partners Pte Ltd, focusing on innovation-driven ventures.

Jason’s rich experience includes a 16-year tenure as the Head of Panasonic’s IP group in ASEAN. Following this, he established Piece Future, an Asian IP investment bank poised as a linchpin in the IP innovation landscape, offering IP-centric business solutions to a spectrum of clients, from multinationals to burgeoning startups. At Piece Future, Jason pioneered the proprietary Valuation360, a dynamic market patent valuation system that assesses market, technology, and legal potentials.

Notably, Jason is the creator of the world’s first IP startup incubator program, IPHatch®, which has expanded its influence to over nine countries and cities, including the UK, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Under his visionary leadership since 2017, Piece Future has invested in over 70 startups, driving innovation and growth through IPHatch®.
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