InnoVEX 2019 Pitch Contest Categories Expanded to Include 5G Application, Blockchain, and Green Tech

 2018-11-16 By: InnoVEX Team

InnoVEX, the best platform for startups will return from May 29th to 31st 2019 and the registration for the Pitch Contest has started. Every year, InnoVEX attracts tens of thousands of visitors; including venture capitalists, corporates, buyers and accelerators. The 2018 InnoVEX Pitch Contest received sponsorships from Delta Electronics, Inc., Nogle Capital Management, Maxceed Capital Group, and Startup Terrace in addition to the Grand Prize of USD 30,000; increasing the prize pool to USD 350,000.

InnoVEX participation continues to grow steadily and significantly; both in the exhibition and in the Pitch Contest. As one of the mainstays of InnoVEX, startups register every year for a chance to gain more exposure, business opportunities, and cash prizes. In 2018, over 100 startups from 18 countries registered for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest and 43% of the applicants are international startups. Joining the judge panel were 17 international VCs from Taiwan, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, and more.

2019 Pitch Contest Categories Expanded

The pitch contest registration is free, but only open to InnoVEX 2019 exhibitors. The categories of the Pitch Contest are expanded to include:

  • AI & Big Data
  • AR/ VR/ MR
  • 5G Applications
  • Consumer tech
  • Fintech, Blockchain, E-commerce
  • Enterprise Software
  • Hardware & IoT
  • Health & Biotech
  • Security
  • Green Tech

The categories match the most in-demand technologies and innovations of today. The AR/VR category which was present from 2018 has been expanded to include MR (Mixed Reality). E-commerce has been combined with Fintech and Blockchain to include a broader application of these interconnected technologies & applications. The newly added categories for this year are Green Tech and 5G Applications.

Referring to recent reports from global research firms; the first instances of 5G applications are expected to be market ready in 2019. Green Tech now becomes a necessity as many countries now focus on or are actively increasing their efforts in green tech, sustainable tech or circular economy.

New Venue, New Level

After a wonderful growth in 2018, InnoVEX will move to a new exhibition venue to accommodate more startups, investors, industry representatives, and events. InnoVEX 2019 will be held in TWTC Hall 1 and will feature Theme Pavilions of AI, Blockchain, Biotech & Healthcare, 5G and Greentech.

With more interest in InnoVEX generated around the world, startups who join the pitch contest can most certainly gain more than just the cash prize, but also investment opportunities, exposure, fame, and more.

Startups interested in joining the pitch contest can visit the InnoVEX website for more details