Drones Everywhere - Everduit Brings Sharing Economy to the Skies

 2019-04-16 By: InnoVEX Team

Image taken from Commercial Times. Original Picture available here: https://ctee.com.tw/news/tech/71526.html

CEO of Everduit, CJ Lai's biggest wish and goal is to be able to operate all the drones in the world. To achieve this, he came up with a Taiwan style drone sharing platform.

According to estimates, the global drone market value will exceed USD 400 billion in 10 years. The industry is expected to drive a trillion dollar industry of expansion and service. From this estimate, CJ believes that in addition to the drones itself; drone usage methods will also be a good business opportunity.

Everduit was established in Taiwan near the end of 2018 after confirming that the sharing economy model can work in drones. They implemented core technologies made in the US to become an application development company for Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Everduit's current product is the “Go Drone!” allows users to control drones with their phones. Using Everduit's proprietary drone communication solution, users can control the drones' flight path and take pictures at pre-determined locations for taking aerial photographs. Combined with the app's built-in security management settings, users can fly without worrying about problems caused by improper handling.

Regarding Taiwan's startup ecosystem, CJ said that the support came from Taipei Computer Association (TCA) who has continued promoting InnoVEX, the startup focused special exhibition of COMPUTEX. While COMPUTEX has been dominated by hardware manufacturers and technology manufacturers, the presence of InnoVEX also gathered startups from around the world to participate in both the exhibitions, competitions, and more. With such an international gathering of startups, it is obvious that Taiwan's startup ecosystem will also be improved. It will not only allow Taiwan to have more channels to access new global innovations, it also promotes Taiwanese innovations to the world. These are all opportunities that Taiwan's startups and talents should grasp.

Original article in Chinese available here: https://ctee.com.tw/news/tech/71526.html