Using New Technologies to Promote Health for Elder People

 2019-04-26 By: InnoVEX Team

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Factors such as improved diet, technological & medical advances, presence of medical facilities & services all contribute to the improved lifespan in a region. However, living longer will also bring with it age-specific problems; especially dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to statistics, the growth rate of dementia sufferers has increased from 1 every 4 seconds in the past to 1 in every 3 seconds. Gary Fu, the COO of ideaBus, focuses on domestic research and aims to use the innovations of ideaBus to mitigate the “silver tsunami”.

Dementia is a health conditions that require long term care and can be a significant financial burden for the sufferers and their family. By extension, this issue will affect even society and the country. For health conditions such as dementia, prevention is more important than treatment. For this reason, ideaBus have developed personal dementia prevention and health promotion measures since 2017.

The finished product is a physical therapy system named Leisure Time Physical Activity (LTPA). Gary Fu said that currently dementia has no perfect cure and most medicines used to treat dementia may have some form of side effects. His proposed measures are to completely prevent or take early prevention measures through non-drug treatments and habitual changes.

For example, the SODA Cognition Training System which ideaBus developed works like a whack-a-mole game: through a simple stimulation and reaction. The effect of the game can be greatly improved through a pre-designed program, co-operation play, and more. The system can train reaction time, coordination, focus, memory, etc. While the system that resemble whack-a-mole game might be overlooked; it is actually useful as both training and entertainment system even for the young.

Last year, ideaBus participated in InnoVEX and greatly attracted Japanese visitors. This further opened opportunities for ideaBus in Japan as now they have received order from customers in Japan.