ABCD For the Future: AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

 2019-04-02 By: InnoVEX Team

On March 28, the InnoVEX Saloon: The Relationship between Cyber Security, AI, and Big Data in Digital Transformation was organized by Taipei Computer Association, InnoVEX, British Office Taipei, and Aplus Management Consulting Company. In addition, the event was also supported by TwIoTA and PwC Taiwan. The Saloon this time featured a panel discussion with expert speakers from both UK and Taiwan. The speakers are: Cyrus Tang, Country Manager for Hong Kong, Macau, & Taiwan of Darktrace; Thomas Dickerson, Global Business Development Executive of Kx; Richard Tang, General Manager of SYSTEX Corporation; and Vincent Wang, Vice President of CHT Security Co., Ltd.

While not featuring a demo-pitch session, the March 2019 Saloon featured a new event: a table-booth networking session where startups hold a mini-exhibition in the event grounds. The saloon was also joined by participants from Industrial Technology Investment Corportaion (ITIC), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Wistron Corporation, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, and more.

Inevitable Progress and Vital Requirement

As a result of digital transformation and implementing connected devices, companies will have to deal with new externalities such as the probability of a cyber-attack from malicious agents. This makes cybersecurity a vital requirement to minimize risk and maximize the effects of digital transformation.

Dr. Vincent Wang shared that companies that leverage digital transformation will be able to provide connected services through the network, but this also means that they will have to address the risks involved in it. This means cybersecurity is a key issue that needs to be considered before digital transformation begins. It essentially acts as an insurance measure for companies.

According to Mr. Dickerson, when implementing digital transformation, businesses will have to consider “the cost of implementing” and “the cost of not implementing”. Many businesses might find the cost of implementing digital transformation to be too high, but in reality not implementing it might cost even more.

Mr. Richard Tang stated that digital transformation is both a risk and opportunity. People might not know what happens in their system or it might give false signals. To properly mitigate this issue, companies can partner with other parties who are experts in cybersecurity.

Mr. Cyrus Tang warned of the dangers of modern cyberattacks that no patterns. This will invalidate conventional cybersecurity measures and a similarly modern solution will be necessary. AI and Big Data will be the most likely solutions to these new attacks. Using abnormality detection systems will be able to prevent malicious agents to compromise accounts and devices.

9 Solutions for a More Secure Transformation

In addition to the panel discussion, 9 companies also joined for a mini-exhibition where they could showcase their solutions. The companies were:

  • LIPS, which creates various recognition middleware and solutions in addition to their own 3D depth cameras.
  • Jrsys, a mobile and internet security service provider.
  • PIXIS which provides effective & convenient IP management solution to fulfill customer management requirements.
  • CloudMile, an AI company helping enterprises leverage data through machine learning and big data analytics.
  • L7 Networks which offers performing content filtering solutions.
  • Beseye which offers home cameras and cloud services for security
  • creDa, an AI startup that helps users label video data for deep learning
  • BlockChain Security, which integrates the latest applications of cybersecurity and blockchain.
  • iMobileMind which offers smart solutions to manage operations and communications through Mobile Information Platform (MIP) and mobile security technology.

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