The Crossover of A.I. into Vertical Industries

 2019-10-04 By: InnoVEX Team

Digital transforming and challenges within integrating startups and A.I. technologies

The Industrial Development Bureau of The Ministry of Economy Affairs, Taiwan Internet of Things Alliances (TwioTA), and the InnoVEX team at Taipei Computer Association (TCA) held an InnoVEX Minisaloon: The Crossover of A.I. into Vertical Industries on 2nd October 2019 at TCA. It was held aiming to stimulate and to encourage cooperation between A.I. related startups with vertical domains.

The topic focused on “The Crossover of A.I. into Vertical Industries”, industry leaders from distinct fields such as the medical industry, information communication technology industry and venture capitalists joined the panel. These professionals and business leaders shared their experiences in integrating A.I. technology into vertical industries.

Experts of the medical industry contributed their thoughts on the digital transformation

Experts and industry leaders provided their knowledge during the panel. Panelists including Dr. Jack Lee from Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, Dr. Steve Huang from Pegatron Corporation, Mr. Andy Yang from AU Optronics Corporation, and Mr. Sammy Chiu from MiTAC Information Technology Corporation. Mr. Bryan Huang, the founder of TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law, did a tremendous job hosting our forum at the event moderating the panel.

During the discussion, many experts had mentioned that the key to success for digital transformation is relying on domain experts to interpret data structure and process flow; for corporates to identify the areas where A.I. can assist in accelerating the production process. Thus, discover A.I. systems that are suitable for the industries’ needs and increase efficiency in operations.

These professionals were also interested in the practical experiences that the A.I. startups obtained. Experts pointed out that if these startup companies had previously worked on relevant cases, then it would be accessible for the startups to bring the A.I. system into their industries. By integrating A.I. technology with industries, it would benefit business developers on driving digital transformation and discovering new opportunities.

9 A.I. startups attended the event, and practical experiences become crucial elements.

We invited 9 A.I. related startups to join us at the event using table-booth displays. It was a great opportunity for these startups who were seeking for potential collaboration with the A.I. industry. Startups that participated on October 2nd include Incubit Inc. Taiwan, DT42 Technology, Maisense Inc., Funliday Inc., Open AI Fab Inc., Claireye Intelligent Co., WaCare Inc., ThinkTank Inc., IOEZ Inc.

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