InnoVEX Mini Saloon: Know the Game, Meet the Players

 2019-11-12 By: InnoVEX Team

The InnoVEX Mini Saloon “Know the Game, Meet the Players” was held by the InnoVEX team at Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) on Nov. 12th, 2019. The Saloon has invited Mr. Eric Fan the Deputy Director at Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, Mr. Tony Yu the Venture Partner of Mesh Ventures, Ms. Alicia Hsu the General Counsel at Taiwania Capital Management Corp., and Mr. Bryan Huang the Founder of TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law to conduct a panel discussing topics such as investments, resources, and business opportunities related to soft-landing into Taiwan’s tech-startup ecosystem.

In addition to the panel discussion, 11 startups from Hong Kong have also been invited to join the demo-pitch session. The Mini Saloon not only provides an opportunity for startups to promote themselves and connect with various industry leaders but also offers a platform for startups to cooperate with different industries, strengthen their expertise, and matchmake with potential investors.

Startup trends and resources in Taiwan

In recent years, tech startups have become more and more popular here in Taiwan. Various startups are blooming all over the tech industry. Thus, startups and entrepreneurs become one of the trendy topics that people pay close attention to. During today’s discussion, we focused on 4 crucial sectors in regards to the Taiwan startup industry such as trends, resources, investments, and global networking. However, apart from the topic, startups from Hong Kong also raised some interesting questions such as what kind of startup is most popular among investors from Taiwan and is there any policy here in Taiwan supporting the startup industry, etc. These questions raised by the floor are phenomena questions, and the speakers answered these questions with their personal experiences and thoughts.

Mr. Tony Yu, Venture Partner of Mesh Ventures, mentioned that the startup environment here in Taiwan is no different from the rest of the world. For instance, the venture capital industry in both Taiwan and the States has a very clear mindset of when to enter and exit the market and we both have explicit investing strategies. Besides, Taiwan is one of the world's ICT industry leaders. Thus, many foreign startups are interested in entering the startup market here in Taiwan.

Apart from discussing the startup status quo, Mr. Eric Fan, Deputy Director at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, brought up some of the resources provided by the local government. For example, the Startup Terrace operated by TCA is offering free facilities and co-working spaces for startups. Moreover, the angel fund provided by National Development Council is another resource that startups could apply. Therefore, Mr. Fan encouraged foreign startups to look into the resources that they can potentially utilize here in Taiwan.

Last but not least, Ms. Alicia Hsu, General Counsel at Taiwania Capital Management, pointed out a few advantages that Taiwan has within the startup industry. Flexibility and diversity are the two main reasons that set Taiwanese startups apart from the rest of the world. She invites startups around the world to connect with our local market and generate new business opportunities.

11 startups from Hong Kong match made with VCs from Taiwan

To create a precise matchmaking platform, 11 startups from Hong Kong were invited to enter the demo-pitch session. Startups including Avaron Technologies Limited, Beyond Edtech Limited, EventBinder Limited, Gagala Limited, KiLax Limited, MedEXO Robotics Limited, Medmind Technology Limited, Meridian Innovation Limited, MoNi Studio Interactive Design Limited, Red Bird Technology Limited, WanaStay Limited.

During the event, many of the venture capitalists have shown interest in the participating startups. As the co-organizer of the InnoVEX Mini Saloon, we are excited to provide value for all the participants. The InnoVEX Team of the Taipei Computer Association would like to pay sincere appreciation to HKSTP for bringing such wonderful teams!

InnoVEX 2020 Registration has Begun!

InnoVEX 2020 will be held from June 3rd to June 5th at Taipei World Trade Center – Hall 1. More teams are joining us every year, and new theme pavilions will also be introduced at InnoVEX 2020. Please check out InnoVEX 2020 Official Website for further details.