COMPUTEX Online Talks: Delta |Smart Well Being - IoT-based Solutions for Buildings

 2020-07-07 By: InnoVEX Team

In the period of the global pandemic, it is essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the community. TAITRA hosted a webinar for potential guests from Delta Electronics to present their solutions for Smart Well Being and Buildings, focusing on energy saving and green buildings under comfortable circumstances. In fact, with the innovation of renewable solar energy systems, power conditioning systems, battery storage, and energy management software, aiming to decrease Global Warming, advance local health, and return meaningful investment. Furthermore, with the IoT- based Smart Building Platform, it can integrate security exit control, human-centric lighting control, and real-time monitoring. It provides the user to experience customized service and environmental interaction. On the other hand, Delta also proposed the Delta’s access control solution (SmartPass), a security system that combines facial recognition and RFID technology; it is used broadly upon hospitals, residences, and office buildings. For Delta’s future vision, the company will continue to fight to build a greener and safer future with the IoT technology for the community.

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