Sauberair: Strive for the thinnest air purifier and better your air quality at home

 2020-08-12 By: Louis Lu

Each year, global warming and air pollution cause approximately 7 million deaths across the global community. The World Health Organization (WHO) data also illustrates that nine out of ten people are breathing air with highly-concentrated of pollutants. Under these circumstances, air purifier became a necessity within our indoor environments; there are various types of air purifiers across the market, but it is very hard to have an air purifier that possesses the ability to be able to blend in and does not give you a home appliance feeling in your own home. Sabo is the translation of German Sauber (clean), Sauberair= Clean air. Sauberair ’s FLAT frame-type air purifier might be the choice that meets all your requirements; it is like having a minimalist decoration/ air purifier hidden within your own home., silently creating a fresh and clean air environment for the family members living inside the apartment.

FLAT Picture Frame Air Purifier, the best companion for minimalist home life

In recent years, air quality at home has become extremely important for health maintenance. However, due to more appliances of various needs are being purchased at home (i.e. fans, smart-vacuum robots, etc), many people wish to have a more minimalist and space at home. Sauberair’s FLAT frame type air purifier was developed and manufactured all within Taiwan; it took approximately two years to create the world’s thinnest (9 cm) FLAT frame with built-in Bluetooth speakers’ type air purifier. At the bottom of the fuselage of the FLAT air purifier, a whole line area is also designed to hide its cables within.

Some may be worried, won’t the coil overhear and causes danger? According to Mr. Gary Yang (Managing Director) stated that the product design team also envisaged both AC and DC side of electricity amperes, and with the motor self has three protections: fan blocking protection, circuit board overcurrent firmware protection and physical fuse. Therefore there is no need to worry about the rolled-up hidden wire. In addition, there is a large air outlet at the top of the FLAT air purifier; the air outlet angle is slightly forward designed, which also helps to improve the circulation efficiency of the space. Take a deeper look inside, the internal use of Delta’s special brushless DC motor, supports five-stage wind speed settings, and as Mr. Yang mentioned during the interview, FLAT will runs automatically at 1-2 wind speed in most cases, which is extremely power saving. Also according to Sauberair’s official data, the power consumption is only about 1.7W at the lowest speed, and the minimum operating speed can be as low as 1.1W in sleep mode; in plain words: the electricity bill coming from your air purifier will be less than 50 NTD in a year!

During the interview, Mr. Yang also illustrated couple key elements that need to be considering when purchasing an air purifier, in addition to the price of the machine itself, the replacement of consumables such as the filter after sale must also be included into calculation. FLAT air purifier uses MERV 14(Sub-HEPA filter) which is a higher level filter than MERV 13 (commonly used in major hospitals). According to Mr. Yang’s experiment results, under the same circumstances, the use of a HEPA filter will reduce the airflow, because it's higher dense. The result of the reduced air circulating volume will reduce the overall filtration effectiveness. Hence, the best total filtration effectiveness filter for an air purifier is the sub-HEPA (MERV 14-16) because the drastic increase in the filtering air volume increases the overall filtering effect. This means that while getting the high overall filtration effectiveness, it can significantly reduce the user’s subsequent replacement cost of filters, also.

Real-time control of the air quality of your home through the APP

As Mr. Yang demonstrated to us with Sauberair’s app, the app itself can precisely show the degree of PM2.5/ PM1.0 contamination wherever the FLAT air purifier is placed in the current environment (through real-time), as well as its VOCs, CO2, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure can all be accurately measured. Users not only can see these information within the same page, but also keep abreast of its current power consumption. The operation is very intuitive, as long as you click the function key at the bottom of the screen, one can also quickly switch the power, automatic, sleep or manual gear control.

In contrast with other air purifier products on the current market, even if the appearance of the fuselage is made with a sense of design, it will still be very conspicuous when placed at home with an electrical appliance. However, this frame-type air purifier FLAT is completely different. When mounted to your wall, it became more of a family member towards yourself and your family; you may also freely choose whether you want to hang (either a picture or a design poster) onto the FLAT air purifier. A sense of decoration of design and provides high-quality air in your home.

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