POOPOUT: Idea, Ideal, Invention - More comfort for you and your pet pal

 2020-09-18 By: Amber Hou

The transformation of population structure and changing of lifestyle has become more evident, from birthrate declining to the ageing population phenomenon, to the social alliance and social distance, multiple factors successfully bring up the trend to have pets and thus, the pet industry is catching attention.

According to Wealth Magazine, their total estimate of the market value exceeds NT$ 50 billion, this matches a research article by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research(Division VII), who estimated that the total market value of the pet industry is a NT$ 58 billion, and 30% is contributed by pet food.

The pet industry may be divided into three main categories namely: pet food, pet supplies, and pet services. Startup from Taiwan such as SHENLI International Design is now seizing this opportunity to invent an indoor-friendly, environmentally friendly and pet-friendly pet potty-solution- POOPOUT.

Ideas or Invention: Think outside the frame

In recent years, pet industries expanded from inherent pet shop, pet grooming, and veterinary hospital category to related food, clothing, housing, transportation, training, and entertainment genre to fulfil different kinds of needs. Startups have found out that the trend is equivalent to the epitome of the human industry.

POOPOUT is the world’s first pet potty solution that does not require water or plug-in electricity to be operated. It took SHENLI more than 4 years to accomplish this invention, during which they’ve solved: the waterproof and odour-proof plastic film and the super absorbent diapers which trap the scent so it wouldn’t spread and the excrement or urine wouldn’t penetrate and create a functional design of sliding knife for potty sealing. Here, POOPOUT are proud to exhibit their stunning results: The non-woven diaper could withstand 1000ml of liquid while the high viscosity-firm ensures no peculiar smell or pollution for up to 3 months. The foolproof design makes it safer when cutting film and diapers without any worries! POOPOUT allows pet owners to clean up within 3 seconds (Followed by the instructions of Open, Pull, Close and Cut), it creates a fresh and clean environment for the family.

Target x Value: When Ideal meets reality

The CEO of SHENLI International Design Ltd, Mr Lison Li, came up with the idea of manual control due to his personal experience as a pet owner. He realized that wood chips couldn’t reduce the peculiar smell indoor, while water flushing setting is pipeline design and may result in water leakage problems caused by malfunction and blocking.

The design has subverted traditions in many ways. It not only breaks through the operation form – with simple manual control and it’s burnable refuse characteristics (Currently, most of the potty designs on the market are either applied with wood chips, electricity and hydraulic power for cleaning.)but could help with monitoring pet’s health with convenience – After sealing, pet owners could easily bring the flattened stool sample without leakage, eliminates the growth of mould, metamorphism or any other pollution to the vet.

The COO, Mrs Lainey Kao, added that POOPOUT is currently designed for small and medium-sized of pets, and is targeting high developed metropolis that is willing to educate their pet for set point defecation. It is worth noting that SHENLI International Design has already applied for the patens of materials and coating methods.

Future x Vision: A wider view with an eye to detail matters

For the future plans for POOPOUT, SHENLI will soon step into a brand new milestone- with fully automated remote control function using IoT and AI sensor technology; in the meanwhile, combine the afforestation idea by placing seeds in consumables that can be decomposed in the soil during the manufacturing process – which makes it a more efficient way for pet owners to clean up, and popularization of the concept of environmental protection. POOPOUT is even expected to expand to long-term care and to fulfil the demands of related sanitation facilities in developing countries for humans. SHENLI has gained the supports from government projects such as Business Angel Investment Programme and Project of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry. Instead of being a product designer or businessman, SHENLI starts their success from being pet owners, who actually care for pets’ life and love pets with sincere hearts.

Imagine into reality, transform into reality. InnoVEX has this great pleasure to interview with startups. While sharing brilliant stories with everyone, could we also expect that the blue ocean market of the pet industry will be explored and that regardless of emerging or well-developed industries could draw a lesson from this whole journey of digital transformation?

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