How A.I., IoT, Big Data Play an Important Role in Disaster Prevention

 2020-08-19 By: InnoVEX Team

Since the beginning of the time, natural disasters & crises has been the main component pushing our society and various industries forward together as a whole. In the 21st century, we are in the era of another industrial revolution, as technologies are transforming manufacturing into a highly intelligent, automated, and efficient industry. In which things such as global warming, climate change, potential disasters caused by our rapid change of technology and revolution could continue to cause harm to earth; thus drastically increase the chances of having a collapse global community. Therefore it is important to utilize IoT and AI related sufficient technologies to provide proper solutions for disasters/ crisis management.
Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is delighted to partner up with Industry Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affair, Taiwan and the Philippine Trade & Investment Center in Taipei , Qbo Innovation Hub and Startup Island Taiwan to organize this webinar discussing Taiwan and Philippines’ disasters/ crisis management. We sincerely welcome startups, corporate professionals, investors, etc. to join our webinar and explore the topic with us.

Keynote Speakers:
1) Undersecretary Rafaelita M. Aldaba, DTI Undersecretary for Competitiveness and Innovation Group / BOI Governor
2) Ms. Katrina Chan, Executive Director at Qbo Innovation Hub
3) Ph. D. Hung-Chi Kuo, Director/Chair Professor, Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research, National Taiwan University
4) Ph. D. Tien- Ying Chou, President, Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society

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