How Tech-Startup May Play an Important Role in Smart Agriculture

 2020-08-27 By: InnoVEX Team

In recent years, we are seeing more real-life cases across the global platform that tech-startups began to play a vital role within the smart agricultural sector, including Taiwan. Smart agriculture concentrates on combining modern technologies and farming management to advance both the quantity and quality of agricultural production. Over the years, the innovation of farming technology allows farmers to monitor the growth of plantation through artificial satellites digitally, however, with the newly designed Smart Farming origination; it is possible to observe agriculture production through inexpensive and revolution smart solutions. The introduction of drones has been used in multiple areas such as research, journalism, recreational use, and defense in the current worldwide market. Furthermore, with the nowadays IoT and AI drone technology, it is achievable to observe the water content and harmful insects in order to maintain the healthiness and freshness of the plant for consumers.

Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is delighted to partner up with InnoVEX, COMPUTEX, Taiwan IOT Technology and Industry Association (TwIoTA), Startup Island Taiwan to support and Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency(ASVDA) to organize this webinar discussing technology and smart agriculture. We hope that this content may bring you new ideas on how we can do better for the agriculture industry!

Have You Heard of Startup Island TAIWAN

So what is it? Startup Island TAIWAN is an initiative that bonds both the startup community and government tightly, aiming to forge a national startup brand and overall image for the startups based in Taiwan. This sound initiative was formulated by consulting over 100 members of startup communities and collecting opinions from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs respectively.

The logo symbolizes a journey from a startup island to the international arena. It stands for Diverse Culture, Daring Innovation, Leading-Edge Technology, and Endless Creativity, and demonstrates to the world the strong ambition and capabilities of Taiwan startups as well as their intention and ability to contribute to other startup ecosystems across the global platform.

Aligning with the mission, InnoVEX team under Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is proud to partner with Startup Island TAIWAN! You may expect more great contents regarding tech-startups, investments, technology and hot trends here!

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