Change the Process, Keep the Result

 2021-09-17 By: Elroy Yao

Remote working has grown in popularity with many companies around the world now considering either a flexible or a hybrid work from home model. There are many industries where work from home is difficult if not outright impossible, whether due to the nature of the work, the industry, the resource requirements, etc. For jobs where remote working is a feasible alternative, there seems to be an increased interest in it despite the limitations that reduce convenience, efficiency, or efficacy. New solutions and enterprise software might be able to improve the workflow management for remote working and hybrid work models.

Solo work that involves only one agent in the process might suffer less from the instability, but group or team work might be affected more and an innovative solution may be needed to maintain optimal efficiency. Slasify from Singapore offers a one-stop remote worker management platform focusing on flexibility and efficiency. Their services cover multiple aspects of remote work including consultation, job posting, employee onboarding, payroll, etc. Slasify's network of global partners allows for cross-border payments to over 150 countries which means clients can expand or hire globally. As different countries might also have different rules and regulations on global hiring policies, Slasify supports employers that aim to hire remote talents without needing to set up a dedicated legal entity in different countries.

For specific industries where rapid and constant changes happen, remote work might bring about different inconveniences especially if the work runs on a razor thin time allowance. Work such as design where the clients' inputs and opinions are vital, but constantly changing certainly falls under this category. Tools that allow for collaborative design development processes as well as assisting in rendering, deployment, and security will be a great advantage for remote workers such as the one developed by BRICKS Display of Taiwan. Their product, BRICKS is a no-code/ low-code tool for visual designers and engineers; helping users to see the installation working in context; helping users visualize how the content will look, feel and behave.

External business processes such as contacting and maintaining business relations are still a necessity, even when physical meetings are discouraged or prohibited. While video conferencing apps are acceptable replacements, perhaps they would work better as a way for deepening professional relations rather than as a starting point. For starting conversations, perhaps a less formal but more convenient communication method is a better alternative; such as a phone call, email, or even contacting the counterpart via a chat app.

With chat apps being preferred over phone, email, or other forms of communication, it's no wonder the variety of chat apps also continues to grow. This can lead to delays in communication when the information needed might be scattered over multiple platforms, or the needed functions might not be available to the existing chat app. FUNTEK's PinChat offers a solution that helps the enterprise build a controllable, instant, and interactive communication that is fully integrated into enterprise service. It is web enabled and allows users to contact each other directly or have the app integrated to one of the users' platforms. PinChat is also integrated into the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD and InnoVEX Online 2021 platforms to allow direct communication between buyers and exhibitors.

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