Building a Safer, Smarter City with IoT Applications

 2021-11-11 By: Elroy Yao

Smart city has been a topic for multiple years as regional governments consider and prepare for an upgrade to structures and infrastructures. According to TWI, the main goal of a smart city is to "optimise city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the quality of life for citizens by using smart technologies and data analysis". Many publications have listed out what they consider to be the necessity for a smart city but it is clear that IoT plays an integral part in it for multiple purposes. At the same time, there are main functions that smart cities are expected to fulfill, including smart transportation, security, and ubiquitous connection. However, as the city becomes more connected, it will require more electricity and as countries aim to achieve net zero or at least reduce carbon emission; sustainable power generation must be achieved.

Cowi has begun drawing up plans for cities that generate electricity rather than consume, especially in the Oslo region. Called PlusCity, these cities are designed with the idea of preparing for the effects of climate change and creating zero emission in the future. As of time of writing, fossil fuel is still a main source of power generation; to achieve a truly smart city or PlusCity, this must change sooner rather than later.

Cities generally have limited space that must be utilized as wisely as possible. As renewable power stations usually require a lot of space, it will be difficult to integrate them into the city. One of the exhibitors of InnoVEX 2021, Kuube might have a solution to provide more power to the city, which is to turn certain public resources into power generating facilities. Utilization of public resources such as public benches might be quite low in certain areas, especially when the weather is less than conducive. In this situation, perhaps it will be better for the public facilities to get much needed upgrades and turn them into microgrids via solar panels. Their smart benches are pre-installed with solar panels that can also provide free wi-fi, environmental information, or become a community center for residents to gather.

According to Thales Group, a smart city will need a combination of technologies to optimize infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utilities. To achieve the goals of a smart city, an efficient transportation system for both products and people is imperative. Trans-IoT's solutions encompass both people transportation and goods delivery. Their Smart Vehicle Integration system combines 400 API protocols to establish smart vehicle data applications. and utilize data technology to provide remote control functions; improving the safety & convenience of personal transportation. Their IoV Fleet Management Solution provides advanced and instant risk management services for vehicles as well as proactive management solutions, performance prediction, and driving behavior optimization.

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