3 Global Venture Capitals to Follow

 2022-03-18 By: Michael

To operate successful startups, founders need to develop innovative technologies as well as lucrative business models. But to maintain stable growth; resources and reliable partners are required and startups might need to take references from business strategies and develop collaborations. According to Yahoo! Finance , "Venture Capitalists (VCs) invest in promising startups that have a potential to grow and expand. The VC-backed companies get money from investors and funnel them into their products." VCs are also reliable partners that startups should definitely be concerned about.

So you might ask, what type of startups are considered "good fits" by VCs? From the analysis of Klipfolio, VCs have their own theories of investments. Not only returns, but they also appreciate the startups who understand the business environment of their respective industries and can work together on developing technologies. VCs will also approach startups that demonstrate competitiveness in different markets.

This week, we introduce 3 global Venture Capital firms for startups to approach for collaboration, investments, or mentorship.

1. Bessemer Venture

As one of the most historical VCs in the world, Bessemer has a stable foundation and resources for startups to discover. According to entrepreneur.com, Bessemer Venture is the leading investor on 34% of their total investment. They also understand the need for transformation and changes in their strategies with the trend. Health, enterprise technologies, and consumer technologies are their current focus and the e-commerce platform Shopify was one of their famous investment.

2. General Catalyst

One of the most important metrics for VCs is vision and General Catalyst is one of the most visionary VCs. Targeting technology, big data, and software startups; they focus on early & growth stage investments. A report by Yahoo Finance stated that the most iconic investments of General Catalyst are Snap and Hubspot, both holding solid data science technologies.

3. GGV Capital

With bases in both Singapore & Silicon Valley, GGV Capital has made investments globally, including the United States, Southeast Asia, and Israel according to clacified.com . One of the most successful investments made by GGV Capital is Airbnb, the startup that changed the entire international hospitality industry, which also reveals their international background.

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