10 Semifinalists will Join InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest Final Round on May 27

 2022-05-26 By: InnoVEX Team

InnoVEX, the innovation hub of Asia has finally returned with a physical event in 2022. One of the organizers of InnoVEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) announced that the InnoVEX Pitch Contest 2022 Semifinal round was successfully held on May 25. Out of the 25 semifinalists, 10 will proceed to the final round where they will compete to win the prizes that will be awarded to the winners.

As one of the mainstays of InnoVEX, the InnoVEX Pitch Contest always features great prizes from the partners and sponsors and even after 2 years of digital events, this aspect remains the same. This year, there are 11 prizes consisting of cash prizes, resources, professional services, and more that in total is worth USD 347,000.

The finalists of InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest were selected from their live pitch during the semifinal round and after deliberation, the judge panel selected 10 that will proceed to the final round. 20% of the finalists are international teams joining in digitally; such as teams from Canada and Israel. The largest category of this year’s InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest are Health and Biotech, Security & Cybersecurity, AI & Big Data, Smart Agriculture & FoodTech, and SportsTech & Wearable technology.

The finalists for this year are:

  • TeamRed Labs – a Taiwanese Security & Cybersecurity startup focusing on data safety & privacy

  • AIPLUX Technology – a Taiwanese AI startup focusing on legal-tech

  • IRegained – a Canadian Healthcare & Biotech startup helping M stroke survivors in rehabilitation & physio therapy

  • Micronbrane Medical – a Taiwanese Healthcare & Biotech startup providing complete solution for Pathogen Identification

  • Charco Science – a Taiwanese Smart Agriculture & FoodTech startup applying eco-friendly solutions for agricultural supply chain and sustainability

  • Swipecool – a Taiwanese SportsTech startup offering the next generation of learning

  • Sanolla – a Israeli startup developing medical diagnosis and patient monitoring solutions using patented AI-based infrasound auscultation technology

  • CHELPIS – a Taiwanese Security & Cybersecurity startup focusing on blockchain, cryptocurrency, IoT, cryptography.

  • MegaAAOI – a Taiwanese AI & Big Data startup focusing on AOI applications

  • Hyson Technology – a Taiwanese Smart Agriculture & FoodTech startup focusing on AI and IoT applications for aquaculture

  • The InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest Final Round will be held on May 27 and will be livestreamed to the InnoVEX ONLINE platform. Interested parties are welcome to join onsite or online. For more details, please visit the InnoVEX 2022 Pitch Contest page.