Participate in Pitch Contest to Gain Media Attention and International Connections

The InnoVEX Pitch Contest is open to exhibitors to register free of charge. The organizer invites international investors to be judges, and gathers resources from the government and enterprises as contest rewards. The final round is held publicly on the stage during the exhibition and broadcast live simultaneously, which is the event with the highest exposure for startups. In 2023, 11 startups from home and abroad were selected to win prizes worth more than USD $120,000. The Canadian startup Blumind Inc. won the grand prize with their product "Ultra-low power AI Analog Compute".

2023 Categories

5G & IoT
AI & Big Data
Consumer Tech
E-Commerce & Logistics
Enterprise Software
ESG & Green Tech
Fintech & Blockchain
Healthcare & Biotech
Manufacturing Technology
Mobility & Vehicle Technology
Security & Cybersecurity
Smart Agriculture & FoodTech
Sports Tech & Wearable Technology

2023 Awards


Grand Prize
(Total Value over USD $30K)

  • Stand Booth for InnoVEX 2024 × 1
  • Plug and Play Taiwan's Globalization Program
  • Organizer Media Resources
  • Matchmaking with VC Judges
  • Trophy × 1
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Future Star Award
(Only for Early Startups)

  • Organizer Media Resources
  • Matchmaking with VC Judges
  • Trophy × 1

ESG & Green Tech Award
(Only for ESG Category)

  • Organizer Media Resources
  • Matchmaking with VC Judges
  • Trophy × 1

Startup Terrace Award
(Only for Overseas Startups)

  • USD $20,000
  • Startup Terrace Residency Subsidy
  • Trophy × 1
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Qualcomm Innovation Award
(Prioritizing 5G, AI & IoT)

  • USD $10,000
  • Trophy × 1
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KPMG Award
(Only for Taiwanese Startups)

  • The 3rd KPMG Energize Program for Free x 1
  • 7 hours of KPMG consultation
  • Trophy × 1
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Taiwania Capital Innovation Award
(Prioritizing IoT & Biotechnology)

  • USD $10,000
  • Trophy × 1
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Okinawa Innovation Award
(Total Value over JPY ¥1.99M)

  • JPY ¥100,000
  • Exhibiting subsidy and rewards for ResorTech EXPO 2023
  • Trophy × 1
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Plug and Play Award

  • Speaking in Plug and Play Summit Pitch Session in Tokyo, Singapore or Silicon Valley
  • Trophy × 1
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Top 10 Finalists Rewards

  • Video Interview × 1
  • Matchmaking with Enterprises
  • InnoVEX Night Party Ticket × 1 (Worth NTD $1,000)

⁂The awards will be updated continually. Any additions or changes will be announced on the InnoVEX official website at any time. Please refer to the regulations for the eligibilities for the special awards.

2023 Timeline (GMT+8)

  • 2/20   09:00
    Registration Opens
  • 5/10   23:59
    Submission Deadline
  • 5/12-5/19
  • 5/23
    Announcement of Finalists
  • 6/2
    Finals and Award Ceremony

2023 Judges

Mari Ariki's photo

Mari Ariki

Senior Manager Recruit Co., Ltd.

Ravi Belani's photo

Ravi Belani

Founder & CEO Alchemist Accelerator

Arthur Chen's photo

Arthur Chen

Managing Partner BE Health Ventures

Alyssa Chen's photo

Alyssa Chen

Principal AppWorks

Michel Chu's photo

Michel Chu

President/CEO ITIC

Andrew Tan Yan Hoang's photo

Andrew Tan Yan Hoang

Managing Partner TinkBig Venture

David Hong's photo

David Hong

General Manager Plug and Play Tech Center (Taiwan)

Joyce Lee's photo

Joyce Lee

Principal WI Harper Group

Mike Lee's photo

Mike Lee

Senior Investment Manager WK Innovation Inc.

Jason Lu's photo

Jason Lu

Director Darwin Ventures

Gudén García Pablos's photo

Gudén García Pablos

Portfolio Manager / Industrial Investments Criteria Caixa

Yuma Saito's photo

Yuma Saito

President Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co.

Yvie Tai's photo

Yvie Tai

Director, Business Development at Qualcomm & Program Manager of QITC Qualcomm

Tom Vanhoutte's photo

Tom Vanhoutte

Partner imec.xpand

Gill Wang's photo

Gill Wang

AR & Maxine Product Manager NVIDIA

Brian Wang's photo

Brian Wang

Investment Director Taiwania Capital