More Than Entertainment: Startups & Virtual Reality

 2022-10-14 By: Michael

After years, VR/AR has gone beyond its virtual sceneries roots and might become a part of your life in the future. With the development of the technology, many common and traditional issues of VR/AR such as expensive or uncomfortable hardware and restricted content or similar software due to the limitation of techniques have been solved, the industry is ready to proceed to the very next step. Today, users can use smartphones for the displaying purposes of VR, enjoying the virtual elements and contents without the limitation of time and space. Also, the earlier applications focused on entertainment, yet more and more companies from other industries are discovering more potentials and possibilities of the applications, implementing VR/AR content into different scenarios such as education, training, and factories, the B2B purposes. For instance, Oculus, the famous VR brand, has made huge success last Christmas(CNBC). With the development, customers and enterprises can This week, we would like to share 2 established applications of VR/AR and the startups that are worth following.

1. Education & Training

Hi-tech training is a common occurrence in sports; but the technologies and devices in use must also evolve to the needs of the athletes as well as collect their performance data. One of the technologies that can achieve this is virtual reality (VR) which can help simulate wide open spaces for sports that require them without requiring the training space or the wait for favorable weather. For example, the Virtual Reality Archery Competition Image Training System developed by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering allows users to practice their archery in a realistic setting from the comfort of their living room. With 360° video footage recorded in real competitions, 3D competitor models, and realistic ambient sound; the solution can help coaches analyze the athlete's physical and psychological in the simulated competition.

2. Health Care & Life

In many industries, it is important to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere for the service providers and customers such as the fields of healthcare. Both the physical and mental connections will determine the effectiveness of the care, and one of the most iconic advantages of VR/AR technology, providing immersive experiences may definitely help. The startup, Joy & Sun Health , is dedicated to health promotion. They design and develop immersive VR-based training programs to enhance physical and cognitive functions and promote quality of life and well-being for the elderly. Gardening Coach, the VR training content was developed based on the evidence of community-based combined physical and cognitive training study. The idea is to provide an immersive, interesting and familiar daily-life environment to enhance the cognitive and physical function for older adults living in the community. Also, it is a portable system that can be easily arranged in various environments such as community centers.

3. Revolutionary hardware design

Startups recognize the main issue of wearable and VR/AR devices: bulky and heavy. Thus MEGA1 , stays focused on developing miniaturized optoelectronic devices such as an optical engine (OE), a revolutionary ultra-compact LBS engine that can definitely decrease the weight of AR products, and provide a better user-friendly experience. They also collaborate with research teams in Japan, which have 30 years and more experience in the industry. The integration enhanced their capability, their solution can be implemented into professional applications such as high-end medical purposes and heads-up displays for the automotive industry.

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