ASVDA Global Connection and Innovation Deployment Forum will Create Global Business Opportunities and Collaboration in InnoVEX 2023

 2023-05-25 By: InnoVEX Team

As the innovation hub of Asia, InnoVEX will be held from May 30 to June 2 in Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. To promote Taiwan's startups and businesses to expand to the international market; the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), COMPUTEX, InnoVEX, and TCA will co-organize the ASVDA Global Connection and Innovation Deployment Forum on May 30 at the InnoVEX Center Stage.

The forum will invite Mr. Paul Lee, CAO of ASVDA; Dr. Edison Chen, CEO of Taiwan Eastbound Alliance – Landing America; Dr. Eric Chang, Chairman & CEO of GLORY Technology Service; and Mr. Mitch Yang, Managing Partner of Taiwania Capital to share their insights on the new Eastbound, Westbound, and Southbound strategies from the perspectives of policy, international market and cooperation experiences, and international financing resources for startups.

The speakers will also join a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Chris Hung, Senior Industry Consultant/ Director General of MIC, Institute for Information Industry (III). The panel discussion will share perspectives on the differences between the markets in various regions; as well as the key success factors for cross-border cooperation. Startups and enterprises aiming to expand to the international market are encouraged to join the forum.

ASVDP 1.0 Programs Leverage AI and 5G to Develop Taiwan's IoT Industry

In an exclusive interview conducted at an earlier time, Mr. Paul Lee, the CAO of ASVDA stated that the Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan (ASVDP) was promoted starting from 2016 to 2020. The program had 2 main goals: to promote innovation and R&D for IoT devices and applications, as well as upgrading Taiwan's startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

ASVDP has successfully promoted Taiwan's industry and established the foundation for IoT applications. Since 2018, the output of Taiwan's IoT industry has exceeded NTD 2 Trillion (approximately USD 67 Billion) and became a solid foundation for the development and application of Taiwan's IoT industry. IoT as a technology has flexible applications including smart machinery, medical & healthcare, sustainable energy, and more. The rapid development of AI and 5G has expanded the scope of IoT applications which will help startups and companies to develop various innovations and solutions. AI applications today such as OpenAI's ChatGPT have allowed the users to experience the capabilities of AI as a technology. It also further accelerates innovations and startups to promote innovative AIoT applications and leverage the business applications.

ASVDP 2.0 Launched to Accelerate Startups and Innovations

Mr. Paul Lee stated that many startups and businesses have begun to actively expand into to the international market after Taiwan’s IoT industry applications have matured and the Proof of Concept (PoC) projects have been completed and applied in Taiwan’s smart urban & rural development plans. To create new business opportunities such as smart cities, the ASVDP has promoted up to 249 application cases and more than 88 of them have been successfully exported overseas.

IoT + Innovative Digital Technology Expands Overseas Business Opportunities

Mr. Lee further added that IoT as a technology has a wide array of possible use cases, so developing value-added applications based on IoT is vital. In the future, it is necessary to integrate innovative digital technologies to add value to the IoT applications. Due to the recent developments of digital technologies and applications such as 5G/ 5G O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network)), cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital twin, metaverse, generative AI, AI generated content (AIGC), etc. have enabled startups and corporates to integrate IoT and innovative digital technologies to provide business innovations and digital transformation efforts to existing businesses. This will develop new business opportunities and manufacturers can use this to accelerate their overseas expansion and cooperate with international investors, VCs, or CVCs.

Mr. Lee stated that the ASVDA currently plan to promote international cooperations and expand the overseas market into 3 main directions: Eastbound, Westbound, and Southbound. The three regions have significant differences and businesses need to adopt different strategies which require further analysis and deliberations before executing the strategies.

East, West, Southbound Strategies Focus on Different Aspects

Different countries and regions will have different requirements. To help participating startups and companies understand the unique characteristics of the various countries, InnoVEX 2023 will invite Mr. Edison Chen, CEO, Taiwan Eastbound Alliance – Landing America; Mr. Mitch Yang, Managing Partner, Taiwania Capital; and Mr. Eric Chang, Chairman & CEO, GLORY Technology Service Inc. to share their experiences in Eastbound, Westbound, and Southbound expansion strategies. The speakers will discuss various aspects including market characteristics, industrial needs, cooperation experience, and more. The forum aims to promote collaboration between Taiwan’s startups and businesses with ASVDP 2.0 that can provide policy and implementation support for their partners; to help realize overseas business goals, receive investments or funds, and further achieve their goals.

The speakers will also be joined by Mr. Paul Lee for the panel discussion which will be moderated by Mr. Chris Hung, Senior Industry Consultant/ Director General of MIC, Institute for Information Industry (III). The panel will analyze the challenges and opportunities for Taiwan to expand to the overseas markets; as well as the success strategies that startups can adopt to support their overseas expansion as well as the key success factors for international cooperation in different countries. Startups, businesses, and professionals interested in the forum can visit the ASVDA Global Connection and Innovation Deployment Forum for more details or to sign up and join the event live onsite.

About InnoVEX

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