Taiwan StartUp Interview- CircleWe Digital

 2024-03-08 By: 台北市電腦公會

CircleWe Psychology: A Secure Digital Space Tailored for Mental Health Needs

Mental health issues have garnered public attention in recent years as media and influencers highlighted their importance.

With a background in clinical psychology and criminology, Jasmine Wei founded CircleWe Psychology as she understands that through frontline social service work that there are likely many individuals in various corners of society facing distress without an outlet to express it. CircleWe Psychology is an online platform transcending time and space thatoffers more flexible and diverse services and assistance, reaching out to everyone in need.

In her collaborative work with psychologists, social workers, and rehabilitation professionals in non-profit organizations; Wei observed that many parents might feel lost and unsure when confronted with behavioral deviations in their children due to their busy schedules or fear of stigmatization.

Wei stated that these individuals with clear needs may struggle from various perspectives. Helping them bravely accept professional counseling services is a significant challenge yet an important mission.

Integrating online courses with counseling services, Creating a Professional Resource Hub

CircleWe Psychology provides personalized individual services that allow users to access relevant resources or services without having to visit physical institutions, providing a safe space on a flexible time. Compared to traditional institutions, digital platforms offer openness, diversity, and the ability to overcome geographical limitations; enabling users to choose suitable psychologists and access more information.

CircleWe Psychology is not just a data hub but also a professional resource hub. In addition to providing counseling services, the platform integrates online courses to break away from the traditional one-way service delivery approach. They aim to help psychologists build their personal brands, enabling interaction between supply and demand, and achieving mutual benefits.

Finding the Listening Outlet: CircleWe Encouraging Brave Steps

"Professional services need to enter the community," Wei stated. Many people recognize the importance of mental health but may hesitate to seek related services when asked. However, everyone faces various difficulties in life, such as academic, professional, familial, health, and emotional challenges, which they may find difficult to express.

If these emotional difficulties can find the correct outlets, they will not accumulate into significant psychological problems.

"If you are receiving counseling services, you are not alone," Wei believes that everyone has different preferences for venting emotions. Some may choose to confide in friends over coffee, while others may choose to post on social media.

While it can offer different perspectives for the individuals involved, the inherent biases might lead to indecision or confusion instead. However, professional psychological counseling can be the last line of defense, giving those with difficulties a chance to be heard.

A good counseling experience can encourage more people to take the brave and necessary step of seeking professional help. According to CircleWe's observations, the public's awareness and acceptance of counseling services have significantly increased whether through media such as movies, television, or through celebrity interviews.

This trend is gradually encouraging more people to seek professional assistance. In the future, CircleWe will work towards cross-industry cooperation with organizations and businesses that value mental health issues, hoping to make a more comprehensive contribution to the Social and Governance of the ESG trend.

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