Taiwan StartUp Interview - KiwisSec

 2024-03-26 By: 台北市電腦公會

KiwisSec is a company dedicated to cybersecurity education that boasts a team of experienced and professional educators. Since their establishment from 2023, Kiwis Sec has quickly gained market recognition.

Currently, KiwisSec is actively transitioning into an online education platform, aiming to tailor exclusive cybersecurity education solutions for more businesses through asynchronous teaching methods.

In response to the digital transformation trend, KiwisSec offers targeted cybersecurity education training programs to help businesses establish robust cybersecurity frameworks and enhance their capabilities to address various challenges in the future.

In terms of life-oriented cybersecurity education, KiwisSec provides diversified, gamified, or project-based learning, as well as various teaching modes such as physical, live streaming, and asynchronous learning according to the needs of the learners.

They connect cybersecurity issues and events from daily life and offer practical protection techniques. Recognizing the challenges of learning cybersecurity, KiwisSec provides intuitive learning paths to ensure learners have clear directions in their cybersecurity learning journey.

As cybersecurity awareness continues to grow, KiwisSec is committed to becoming a leader in information security education.

In future, they will not only construct attack-defense simulation platforms to enhance learners' real-world experience without environmental constraints but also strengthen strategic partnerships with industry partners to jointly provide top-notch cybersecurity solutions. Their vision is to "root in Taiwan and embrace an international perspective."

Reference: KiwisSec