Taiwan StartUp Interview - Reformtek

 2024-04-16 By: 台北市電腦公會

With extensive experience in software development and equipment communication integration, Reformtek masters the key technologies for digital upgrades.

Reformtek acknowledges that Taiwan has many excellent conventional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have indeed caught up with the AI and digital upgrade trends, ushering in the best technological era.

However, many SMEs struggle to overcome the hurdle of automation & digitization and risk being left behind in the tide of the times. While leveraging the power of technology can bring significant changes and benefits, each factory faces different challenges in digitization.

Moreover, there are often noticeable gaps or even misunderstandings in knowledge and communication between software companies and factory equipment engineers or electrical control personnel.

To break through the deadlock encountered in promoting IoT in the past, Reformtek has introduced a comprehensive IoT solution with a solid technical team.

Reformtek has independently developed the flexible and efficient "Eywa System" which realizes the concepts of "connection" and "integration" in information and data in the construction of "full-factory automation". This includes customizing and linking hardware and software equipment, enhancing production data analysis and management to provide communication integration consulting and related electrical control services.

These efforts effectively improve company operations, facilitate digital upgrades, and enable collaborations with clients to embrace the challenges of the green transformation era, positioning themselves as the best IT partner for their clients.

The Eywa System possesses vertical integration capabilities, offering a one-stop comprehensive service. It integrates bottom-layer PLC with HMI Gateway, SCADA, and extends to cloud and AI computing, assisting enterprises in integrating the software and hardware equipment of their machinery.

It introduces real-time data monitoring and situational analysis through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), combining both edge and cloud computing into a big data system. The customizable interface of the Eywa System can tailor interfaces to display key information in a concise and easily interpretable manner, allowing customers to grasp essential data at a glance.

Eywa System supports visualization across multiple platforms, enabling users to monitor factory production and energy status in real-time from outside the factory premises, whether on smartphones, tablets, or computers.
The demand for "cross-platform devices" and "digital command centers" is high among customers, indicating that cross-device multi-platform functionality is highly practical for cross-factory management and even multinational corporations. Moreover, the Eywa System integrates with various software systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, FDC, EMS, etc., providing the possibility of seamless integration.

It aims to assist customers in integrating AI analysis or IPCAM on existing bases, ensuring that the overall planning meets on-site application needs and delivers greater value. Reformtek recognizes that concerns about data security breaches and system hacking are among the challenges in promoting industrial IoT.

Therefore, the company has strengthened the cybersecurity protection of the Eywa System IoT system, aiming to live up to customers' trust in Reformtek.

Reformtek stated: "Our software is what customers truly need and enables them to make real differences in optimizing factory processes with IoT solutions."

In response to the net zero carbon emission trend, Reformtek incorporated ESG principles into its corporate culture from the outset. The company not only arranged for the entire team to undergo ISO14064-1 internal auditor training and certification, but also collaborated with ESG professional consultants.

Reformtek hopes they can align more closely with ESG considerations and help businesses plan suitable energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives for both business promotion or software design.

With ESG-focused energy management systems and the ability to integrate EMS, Eywa System can monitor client-side energy usage in real-time and manage energy more precisely.

Reformtek is confident that through the intelligent control and management system of the Eywa System, they can automatically adjust the operation mode of manufacturing equipment, improve energy efficiency, calculate power consumption, water consumption, and emissions of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.

Functions such as equipment communication link, abnormal production line warning, monitoring of machine and energy loss, cloud backup and calculation of data upload, and analysis of key data can effectively assist customers in improving production efficiency and reducing resource consumption, smoothly embarking on the path of transformation.

Reference: Reformtek