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A2T Program by IAPS is a market access sprint program specifically designed for non-Taiwanese Tech startups to engage the Taiwan startup ecosystem. The program is a great opportunity for overseas startups to access Taiwan’s manufacturing, R&D and traditional high-tech industries as well as our deep tech talent pool. A2T Program is connected with several Taiwan accelerators, which has a strong network of corporates, investors, venture builders and the top minds of different industries to help you establish a presence in Asia. Batch 2 Application Period: May 24<sup>th</sup> – June 25<sup>th</sup> Acceleration Period: July 1<sup>st</sup> – October 31<sup>st</sup> Online Application for Batch 2: <a href="" target="_blank" ></a> <p align="center"><a href="" target="_blank" title="Website"> IAPS-A2T Website </a>|<a href="" target="_blank" title="Facebook"> Facebook </a>|<a href="" target="_blank" title="LinkedIn"> LinkedIn </a></p>
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