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Flytech Technology (TPE: 6206), positioned as a global top-three Point of sales(POS) vendor, is a solution provider that specializes in industrial automation, retail, hospitality, and medical industries. To engage with promising partners, Flytech cooperated with StarFab Accelerator, one of Taiwan's largest and fastest-growing corporate accelerators, and together established the "Flytech x StarFab Accelerator Program". Once selected by the program, start-ups can enjoy the resources provided by Flytech Technology and StarFab Accelerator, including co-developing solutions with Flytech, co-selling via Flytech's global sales channel, having a chance to receive over NT$3M funding by Flytech, and getting StarFab's "theme-oriented incubation" service. We welcome start-ups in industrial automation, retail, hospitality, medical, and automobile areas to apply for "Flytech x StarFab Accelerator Program" for a brighter future. <a href="" target="_blank"><p align="center">Flytech x StarFab Website</a> │ <a href="" target="_blank">Flytech Website</a> │ <a href="" target="_blank">Flytech LinkedIn</p></a>
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