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Taiwan AI x Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA) is an accelerator program designed to fast-track startups working on smart solutions. The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is the largest science park in southern part of Taiwan; hence, attracting various semi-conductor and ICT resources to the area. Additionally, southern Taiwan is highly competitive in industries such as computer-integrated manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart city, smart retail, smart farming, and financial technology. It is why TAIRA selected STSP as its central innovation hub with the goal of accelerating AI development from all over the world through corporate startup partnerships. TAIRA seeks to support startups through strong corporate-startup mentorships, access to funding, and guidance in product development as well as business strategies. We invite startups interested in collaborating with Taiwan's leading enterprises to join TAIRA and break into the global market! <a href="" target="_blank"><p align="center">Official Website</a> │ <a href="" target="_blank">Line Official Account</p></a>
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