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Volker Heistermann

Volker Heistermann

Managing Director at Mosaic Venture Lab

Volker Heistermann brings to bear over 25 years of investment, business development and innovation management experience in USA, Germany, Greater China and SE Asia. In 2011 Mr. Heistermann co-founded early-stage technology scouting and investment firm Yushan Ventures in Taiwan, and in 2019 he launched Mosaic Venture Lab - powered by Audi AG and Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs - to create and deliver the new realities of urban mobility. Mr. Heistermann is Venture Partner at the US$ 100M TPTF fund and previously worked at Google, AT&T, Commerzbank and investment bank Rutberg & Co. He holds a B.A. of Financial Law, and a Marketing diploma from the University of California. He frequently speaks at tech industry conferences and he’s an Advisor to APEC and a member of the Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) – SAE Work Group.

Mosaic Venture Lab

Mosaic Venture Lab (www.mvl.biz) is an e-mobility innovation platform, powered by Yushan Ventures, Inc., to co-build products and solutions with entrepreneurs and corporations, creating the new realities of urban mobility. Mosaic is supported by Startup Terrace, an innovation initiative created by Taiwan's Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) and sponsored by a German luxury car OEM.