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Edgar Chiu

Edgar Chiu

Co-founder and Managing Partner, SparkLabs Taipei

Edgar Chiu is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of SparkLabs Taipei, a seed-stage VC fund & accelerator that helps startups expand into overseas markets. Previously, Edgar was the COO of Gogolook and helped develop major partnerships in Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia for the Whoscall app. In 2013, Gogolook was acquired by NAVER. Edgar had also worked at IBM as a management consultant. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Finance from National Tsing Hua University.

SparkLabs Taipei

SparkLabs Taipei is a startup accelerator & VC fund founded to assist Taiwan founders go global. We offer a mentorship-driven accelerator program to support startups grow into world-class businesses and hosts the largest demo day in Taiwan. Since 2018, we’ve invested & accelerated 40+ startups, including Just Kitchen (Taiwan’s largest cloud kitchen), ParseMe (Fastest B2B enterprise solutions startup exit in Taiwan), and Influenxio (a micro-influencer marketing platform invested by DCM Ventures).