3 Countries To Startup In Europe

 2022-10-21 By: Michael

Considering the best location to start a journey of the entrepreneur is important since there are many metrics such as business opportunities, market scales, and many other factors that might determine the success of a business and have already cultivated different business cultures in various places and countries. As an industry with potential, startups need to identify where is the best location to discover more opportunities based on the various levels of development. Mentioning locations, Europe is always popular since it has sustainable foundations of many industries and historical business ecosystems. Also, the variety of cultures may help entrepreneurs from all over the world to involve with various connections from different countries in one place. This week, we would like to share 3 countries in Europe that are worth having a kick start of a career, and cases with different perspectives based on our professional analysis.

1. Finland
With a glorious history of inventing know-how, technology, and engineering, Finland has been considered an advanced country of entrepreneurship. Big names such as Nokia and Rovio represent the value of the startup ecosystem in Finland. The startup ecosystem is supported by the government, public facilities, and agencies such as Finnish Enterprise Agency and Enterprise Finland are organized to provide free business advice, connections, and networking opportunities. One of the famous startup events in the world, Slush, was born under the flourishing environments for startups in Finland and is famous for creating a platform for both VCs and startups to connect. (Nordea)

On the other hand, to connect innovation techniques and life, a Finnish startup – Popit develops a solution that can track the consumption of medication automatically, and reminds the patient with a medically certified app and cloud-based platform. The data on consumption is available for patients, pharma, and insurance, improving the adherence of patients worldwide.

2. Germany
Mentioning one of the most inventive countries that embrace technology, Germany would always be on the top tier of the list. In addition to research and development, Germany is also famous for developing the applications of technologies, turning innovations into techniques that can help both industries and life to evolve. (Vakilsearch)

For instance, ALCAN Systems is a German startup that develops innovative smart antennas with ultra-thin flat panel technology, low power usage, and able to adjust its beam electronically without any moving parts. The solution is designed to meet the needs of a range of markets including land mobility, consumer broadband, and enterprise. Also,it is compatible with satellites at any orbital altitude and serves at an affordable price, representing a breakthrough in satellite and cellular communications.

3. Switzerland
A stable foundation has always been a good partner for the startup ecosystem. Switzerland not only has a successful foundation in economies but also the strong constructions of both transportation and business-friendly incentive facilities provide a fraternized environment for global entrepreneurs. With the foundation, startups may pay more attention to developing businesses and generate innovative solutions based on discovering the needs of the industries. ( Business Setup Consulting)

HeatNeutral ,the Swiss startup has developed a technical innovation that answers to the needs of the industrial and residential heating sectors and opens the door to mass decarbonization. The solution is a low-cost, all-fuel burner system that pushes the boundaries of combustion efficiency, and achieves close to 100%reduction in harmful emissions. The most differentiating feature is that the burner is capable of running on all types of liquid bio fuels as well as conventional fossil heating oils. The potential is significant for access to the huge heating and carbon-neutral market.

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