Taiwan StartUp Interview - iSpan

 2024-03-11 By: 台北市電腦公會

Established as a spin-off of the Digital Education Institute (DEI) under the Institute for Information Industry (III), iSpan International Co., Ltd. is committed to training information technology talents. They rapidly respond to and provide cross-disciplinary training and in-service capacity building for the ICT talents urgently needed by the industry, meeting the urgent demand for digital transformation talents from learners and various fields.

iSpan emphasizes that high-quality technology talents are the key ingredients for countries to compete in the global market, especially when Taiwan facing the pressures from globalization, birthrates declining, population aging, digitization, and global warming, Taiwan has gradually highlighted the dilemma of insufficient high-quality talents. There are also gaps between the academia and industry as well as imbalance between the supply and demand of talents quality and quantity.

iSpan positions itself as a trainer of digital transformation talents. They enable cultivating digital transformation talents and facilitating digital talent transformation to meet the urgent demand for digital talents from both enterprises and industries. They operate under the business philosophy of "creating high-quality technology and management training services, disseminating diverse professional knowledge and skills, and shaping the paradigm of talent cultivation" By integrating forward-looking technology trends in a systematic and institutionalized manner, from macro planning to micro implementation, talent cultivation can closely interact with industry demand and gradually activate corporate human resources, aiming to provide a transformation solution for Taiwan's high-quality talent cultivation.

Focusing on Three Core Business Areas

iSpan's core businesses include cross-disciplinary talent development, in-service training for digital talents, and customized corporate classes. Taking cross-disciplinary talent development training as an example, iSpan aims to cultivate comprehensive talents by combining cross-disciplinary and diverse employment market demands with the latest technology trends. They have planned more than ten classes in different professional topics, including: Java, Microsoft C# programming, artificial intelligence, big data, embedded systems, cloud computing, front-end development, game art, app development, etc., and provides integrated employment services.

Long-term Systematic Competitive Advantages in Talent Development

"Talent development is not a sprint but a marathon. It requires the assistance of an experienced team to sustain training effectiveness." Compared to many individuals or operators who have entered the job advancement training market but were not originally part of the education and training industry, iSpan can highlight its competitive advantages in several aspects. These include: quality training management, feedback and continuous tracking of training effectiveness, and continuous improvement of qualitative and quantitative mechanisms.

In line with III’s achievements in talent training, iSpan's trainees have outstanding performances in their IT careers after cross-disciplinary training. Many trainees have provided significant feedback benefits, and there are also outstanding alumni. More than 50% of trainees come from word-of-mouth referrals, indicating widespread satisfaction with training effectiveness.

Development Strategy for the Next Five Years: Advancing Towards the Most Competitive Talent Development Institution Vision

Addressing the rapid development of global technology and industries, iSpan will focus on government policy priorities and allocate resources accordingly in the short term (1-2 years). They will develop corresponding course plans and seek resources through government project plans to enhance resource utilization and execution efficiency. In the medium term (3-4 years), they will focus on developing online combined with offline cloud-based training. In the long term (5 years and beyond), iSpan International aims to expand into a comprehensive talent development institution.

Through a systematic competency development mechanism, they aim to expand into a comprehensive disciplinaries talent training and human resource utilization institution for lifelong career development. They will collaborate with diverse industries, companies, labor and business groups, legal entities, and schools to enhance the competitiveness of domestic digital talents and drive innovation and development in the industry, advancing towards the vision of becoming the most competitive talent development institution.

Reference: iSpan