Taiwan StartUp Interview - CloudAD

 2024-03-12 By: 台北市電腦公會

CloudAD specializes in two main services: data technology and integrated marketing. Compared to traditional media agencies, CloudAD boasts a professional data service team and is certified for GA360 sales, which demonstrates their expertise in data and technology.

CloudAD’s expertise allows them to provide brands with targeted and customized solutions. They are also a certified partner of the Google Marketing Platform, further affirming its competence in this field.

Data requirements often involve collaboration across departments and functions and CloudAD combines data expertise with a marketing perspective. This allows them to not only provide technical support but also deeply understand the needs of marketing teams, making organizational operations smoother and strategic planning more precise.

With extensive experience in GA4 and GA4 360 planning and implementation, CloudAD offers services such as data visualization, dashboard development, and analytics consulting. they also assist brands in integrating data sources and establishing data hubs to address issues of scattered data and isolated islands, aiming to create a positive cycle of growth for brands through data and marketing.

CloudAD uses four tactics: demand interviews, program planning, technical implementation, and consulting to import GA4 projects. GA4 offers flexibility in data integration, collection, and analysis, along with features like Google machine learning and prediction. When used effectively, GA4 can serve as a brand's CDP.

In terms of integrated marketing services, CloudAD integrates its inherent data DNA. By combining the brand's GA4 or offline first-party data with market sentiment, competitor dynamics, influencer & word-of-mouth tracking, and other data insights, brands can effectively grasp their market positioning and user needs. This allows for the selection of appropriate digital and offline media, influencer endorsements, and content to create an integrated marketing strategy that deeply integrates internal and external data.

As a MarTech company specializing in data-driven marketing, CloudAD believes that the data generated by each marketing campaign needs to be meticulously tracked, analyzed, and optimized in order to achieve true data-driven brand growth.

CloudAD stated that, with the right data tracking methods and data environment, one can accurately and effectively analyze the current situation and develop marketing strategies that meet the needs of both the brand and the users. They defined the right data, the right analysis, and the right application as the three key factors for brand growth and the core values of CloudAD's services. They aim to create a positive cycle of brand growth for their clients through continuous data-driven approaches, steering brand development in the right direction.

Reference: CloudAD