Taiwan StartUp Interview - ASYun

 2024-03-13 By: 台北市電腦公會

As a printer trusted by the United Nations Electoral Commission and various government agencies worldwide, the ASY Group has successfully undertaken high-end anti-counterfeiting printing services for presidential ballots and sensitive certificates in multiple countries. The group has developed intelligent integrated anti-counterfeiting productswith a professional team dedicated to developing anti-counterfeiting technology and state-of-the-art international printing equipment; as well as highly skilled production staff, coupled with an efficient and comprehensive service system.

These products effectively address the anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering, and anti-diversion problems of numerous brand packaging, leading to an annual turnover of up to 3 billion NTD.

Utilizing globally recognized currency-grade anti-counterfeiting technology, ASY Group seamlessly integrates intaglio printing and e-beam technology into the anti-counterfeiting field.

Additionally, ASYun incorporated emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain to offer a variety of anti-counterfeiting services, including counterfeiting prevention for: labels, certificates, tickets, and lottery tickets. These services encompass the entire process from planning, design, sampling, production, to traceability.

In addition to impressive high-end anti-counterfeiting technology, ASY also offers most commonly used anti-counterfeiting measures in the market, including anti-counterfeiting patterns,hologram security threads, rainbow printing, laser foil stamping, microtext engraving, special anti-counterfeiting paper, and anti-counterfeiting ink.

ASY stated that with the widespread application of the "one product, one code" concept, more and more products and companies are implementing corresponding measures using QR codes for anti-counterfeiting efforts, product marketing, product tracking, and production records.

However, most companies still use common ordinary QR codes or 1-D barcode as identification methods. Ordinary product QR codes and barcodes are commonly generated using publicly available code generation software. They are susceptible to replication and copying, serving merely as information carriers without any security effects.

To meet market demands, ASYun has independently developed and launched its patented technology— "YunCode 2.0". Generated using proprietary encryption algorithms, YunCode 2.0 possesses multiple benefits including anti-replication, anti-counterfeiting, and difficulty in reproduction.

Through unique coding equipment and a dual verification mechanism, it effectively addresses the problem of easy replication associated with traditional QR codes.

To ensure the authenticity and security of YunCode, multiple layers of verification methods are adopted along the production process and scan frequencies are strictly regulated, while new technologies like blockchain are integrated to optimize its anti-counterfeiting efficacy.

ASY embeds verification data into YunCode 2.0 using an original data verification algorithm, allowing consumers to extract hidden data through special devices or the ASYun APP for authentication.

YunCode 2.0 is compatible with common scanning devices and supports various scanning tools such as Line, built-in camera software, WeChat, default browsers, and others. As a data collection gateway, YunCode not only benefits from ASYun's SaaS platform for versatile use but also supports flexible operations, marketing, and precise management, helping businesses increase product added value and gain accurate traffic.

Recognized and endorsed by enterprises in various fields such as consumer products, government, finance, and electronic devices, YunCode boasts outstanding anti-counterfeiting effectiveness, high stability, and wide applicability.

In 2022, ASYun anti-counterfeiting Taiwan branch was established, signifying its important role as a talent cultivation base for global market expansion. With solid professional technical knowledge and extensive experience in the anti-counterfeiting market, ASY aims to assist clients in addressing issues related to counterfeit goods, infringement, smuggling, and traceability.

Reference: ASYun