Taiwan StartUp Interview - Wewant.tw

 2024-03-11 By: 台北市電腦公會

Wewant.tw Digital Marketing places creativity, teamwork, and action as its core values. Guided by the spirit of "enriching our lives with knowledge and play", Wewant.tw offers two major services: the "Teachers are here" online teaching platform and the "We World" board game development and design service. With a focus on combining education with entertainment, Wewant.tw aims to bring more positivity to society.

The technical team at Wewant.tw has over a decade of experience in integrating video teaching services. They can assist clients in setting up video teaching and cloud recording systems, leveraging their robust technical integration capabilities to ensure users enjoy a stable teaching environment.

Currently, the platform conducts over 2,000 classes daily and is the designated partner for numerous large-scale tutoring institutions in Taiwan. The "Teachers are here" platform primarily offers teachers a comprehensive course management system, allowing them to easily teach from home with just a click.

With full customer support, teachers can seamlessly transition from physical to online teaching, supporting both live streaming and recorded classes. It provides a hassle-free, all-in-one service that assists teachers from course creation and sales to teaching.

Through online courses, teachers can address the various difficulties that students encounter during their studies in real-time, simulating the experience of teaching students in their own homes.

Due to the team's passion for board games and optimism about the future of the board game market in Taiwan, they have also founded the "We World" brand, starting with board game design to stimulate intellectual and emotional interaction.

"We World" aims to bring more fun, educational, and immersive experiences, connecting and strengthening interpersonal relationships. Their goal is to expand the atmosphere of joy and bring more positive energy and fun to life.

Wewant.tw stated that both the online learning platform "Teacher are here" and the board game design under the "We World" brand are still in the development stage. In addition to steadily developing both platform and brand, Wewant.tw aims to establish their own intellectual properties and promote it overseas, realizing diversification in their operations. Wewant.tw hope to integrate the resources of the learning and board game platforms into a larger knowledge game platform.

Reference: wewant.tw